Snugglin’ up with episode one of Yuru Camp

Right now, I’m completely snowed in thanks to this crazy blizzard that hit the East Coast of the U.S. I’m getting paid to cat-sit for my boss for the week, but I’ve been treating it like a mini-vacation. Under warm covers snuggled up with a cat feels like the best way to watch the first episode of Yuru Camp. It’s a relaxing little show that feels like a nice warm cup of hot chocolate to go along with this chilly little day I’m having. Maybe not the hot chocolate with the marshmallows in it, though…just the regular generic kind. Still, even the generic stuff can really hit the spot!

Screenshot (130)
I will not compare this to Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho, I will not compare this to Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho…

Episode one was pretty much exactly what I expected. It’s another one of those anime about cute anime girls doing cute obscure-ish things. I don’t really get why so many of these get made. Do the creators just have a hobby that no one wants to hear about, so they create loli girl characters to do their hobby instead?

We start off with a flash forward of all the main characters of the series camping together. They all look really generic – you have your pink haired genki girl (Nadeshiko), your sleepy looking girl (Rin), the cheeky glasses girl (I don’t know her name yet, heh)…the usual bunch. Still, they’re pretty cute, and none of them seem overwhelming, which is a problem I often run into with these kinds of shows. So far, it seems like a nice, balanced serving of cute girl archetype personalities.

The only characters out of the bunch we’re really introduced to are Rin and Nadeshiko. Rin is a bit of a loner, but she has a goofy side.

Screenshot (137)Screenshot (139)

It’s amusing to see her tease Nadeshiko, who’s so helplessly moe that she spends half the episode asleep, loses her phone, and then can’t remember anyone’s number to call for help.

These two had really amusing dialogue, so hopefully the other girls we get a glimpse have equally good chemistry.

Since it’s a show about camping, it has to be pretty heavy on the atmosphere to draw us into the girls’ world. The scenery isn’t particularly breathtaking, but I’m happy to see some fully fleshed out backgrounds. A lot of the CGDCT anime end up having lazily drawn minimalist backgrounds, but here you can tell there was a little bit of love put into it.

The escapist camper atmosphere gets broken when a random male narrator cuts in to tell you about the best way to make a campfire. That threw me off a bit. Couldn’t Rin just tell me? These hobby loli shows tend to throw a bit of tutorial into the show, but usually it doesn’t pull you out that much. I can’t complain too much, though, because the little talking pinecone made me smile pretty big.

Screenshot (140)
Talking pinecone is actual best girl.

All in all, Yuru Camp is delivering just what it promised: a fluffy, relaxing anime about camping. There’s not much to say beyond that, really. This seems like something I might escape to at the end of a rough winter day (we’re getting a lot of those here in Jersey!), but maybe not something I’d eagerly stay on top of week to week. For now, I’ll sip this hot chocolate a bit until I get too bogged down with other shows…

Screenshot (146)

6 thoughts on “Snugglin’ up with episode one of Yuru Camp

  1. I think the girls say their names (or some variation thereof) at the beginning, but I don’t remember who’s who because eventually these CGDCT shows will blend together in my head…

    Even still, due to possibly the worst New Year’s resolution of all time to “vary my genres”, I took on Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho and this…and surprisingly liked this more than the other one. (The talking pinecone probably did it.) It’s still too early to say whether this’ll be a good show, but this first episode does show some genuine promise.

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    1. I was pretty impressed with ep1 overall, but then again I went in with low expectations, heh. I’ma watch episode 2 later tonight. If the other characters are fun enough, I might be down to watch it all season. I tend to enjoy CGDCT a little more than some other folks buuuuuut my attention span can run out for them pretty quick. I did end up liking Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho more but I heard a few other people also say they enjoyed this one more, too!

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