Pop Team Epic – is it actually bad, or just not the anime for you?

One of the strangest anime of the season has been Pop Team Epic. People either love it or absolutely hate it. Over on Twitter (heyfollowmeifyouwantwinkwink), all the anime folks seem to love Pop Team Epic and sing its praises every week. Everything I’ve seen about the show on my WordPress Reader, however, has been the exact opposite. I’ve seen people saying that it’s absolute garbage, that it’s the worst anime of the season, that’s it’s the worst anime ever, etc. Just a whooooole lot of trash talk.

Which like, yikes! You’re allowed to not like something, but isn’t all the hate a bit much?

Do I want to watch it? Not really, no.
Did I hate watching the episodes I did watch? I did kinda hate it, yeah.
Did it feel like a waste of my time? Yeah, I’d rather watch the pretty Antarctica show.
Does all this mean it’s objectively the worst show ever? No!


A show like Pop Team Epic obviously isn’t for everyone, and it clearly isn’t trying to water its wackiness down to be more palatable. In fact, I almost think that the creators would be happy to read about so many people hating it…this seems like the sort of anime that takes pride in how un-digestible it is.
There were some bits in the show that made me laugh, but I’m not really interested in watching entire twenty-minute episodes of weird meta-skits. I could probably handle reading the actual comics, since I could take its wackiness at my own pace, but the anime’s a bit too in-your-face for me. I just don’t have the attention span. But deciding that it’s the worst thing ever just because I didn’t like it wouldn’t be fair to the show or to the people fervently enjoying it. Which brings me to my main point…

Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad! You can dislike something personally while still appreciating it for what it is. I don’t “get” Pop Team Epic, but I can see what it’s going for and how that could totally be someone else’s bag. It does have a unique balls-to-the-wallsness that I’ve never seen before, so even though it felt like my brain was melting while I watched it, I can’t really bring myself to haaaate it like some other people do.

To be fair, though, I did write a whole thing about how I really really didn’t like Darling in the Franxx not that long ago. After watching the first two episodes and seeing a few screenshots here and there, I can see that it is, in fact, very well directed and very pretty. This isn’t a shoddy production by any means, and there’s a lot of talent involved in the animation department. But I just…don’t like it. The story feels forced, and the characters (especially ZeroTwo) feel forced, too. Also, my gay ass doesn’t feel like watching a show about girl/boy exclusive pairs with a tired theme about gender roles.

Does that mean I think it’s the worst thing ever made and that everyone watching it must be a big dumb idiot?

Of course not! It’s just not my jam! Simple as that! I mean, I still think it’s kind of garbage, but y’know what they say, one man’s trash…

Screenshot (430)
…is another man’s waifu!

Obviously, people’s anime opinions aren’t That Deep, and there are more important things to worry about then some one else’s cathartic hate-posts about anime. Still, it’s frustrating at times to read a review that’s just, “this is dumb and I hate it.” Tell me why! Tell me if you think there’s anything positive about it at all! And if it’s a relatively popular anime, try and challenge yourself by finding out why people like it in the first place!

Anyways, I’m gonna go back to watching through the hot mess that is Citrus and try to sort through my feelings about it so I can write something coherent on the subject. じゃあね !

7 thoughts on “Pop Team Epic – is it actually bad, or just not the anime for you?

  1. *raises hand* I actually like the show. It’s weird, but it’s done in a smart (unique might be a better word) kind of way. I was confused as to why they had two of the same episodes (with some changes) back to back, but now I just watch through it just to catch the differences. Plus their Pop Together song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TpX9gWg2cdg) is a thing of beauty.

    I do get why people wouldn’t like it though and don’t blame them for that. Most of the time I’m not even sure why I like it, so I can understand why someone might not be able to articulate why they hate this show so much. It’s a weird show.

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    1. Oh, Pop Together IS beautiful.
      I have a weird relationship with the show – whenever I see clips from it I think they’re funny (like the blanket bit), I just don’t want to…actually watch it? It’s too much for my brain to watch that long or something, haha. But yeah, it it strange because people have such extreme reactions to it!

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  2. I know nothing of this show, so I can’t talk about it. I do agree that reviews that are just saying “ZOMG, this show suxx!” Are just stupid. At least explain WHY something is bad or didn’t work for you and back it up with evidence! The irrational hatred of some fans just astounds me sometimes.

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  3. I didn’t make it to the end of the first episode of Pop Team Epic. And it really wasn’t about whether it was good or bad, I just didn’t like it. It isn’t the kind of thing I want to watch. That said I am watching Record of Grancrest War and that is objectively pretty bad and kind of getting worse as it goes because instead of building on things it is kind of falling apart. So while I like it, I certainly wouldn’t try to defend its narrative structure at this point.

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    1. Oh yeah I didn’t stick around for the first episode to repeat, haha.
      That’s a good point, too, though. There are definitely things that I’ve enjoyed even though I know they aren’t actually good (like, I genuinely liked Oriemo because I thought it was funny even though it was…y’know an incest show). It’s just interesting how we can like things we know are bad, and even dislike things we know are supposed to be “good,” ya feel me?

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      1. Yes, I didn’t end up going back for a second episode of A Place Further Than The Universe. It was a good show, but it just didn’t appeal to me so when the second episode came out I just didn’t get to it.

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