[My Anime Week] Thank you, anime gods, for blessing us with new Ikuhara, new Watanabe, and new Boogiepop

This week has felt like a hazy dream to me – all I’ve done is work, drive home, and sleep. I’ve barely even had time to think about anime, let alone watch it.

Me, lying in bed, thinking about all the seasonals I have to catch up on…

Now that the work week has ended, though, I can finally catch up on anime news and anime writing. And I can also finally SCREAM ABOUT HOW EXCITED I AM ABOUT ALL OF THESE NEW ANIME ANNOUNCEMENTS. Teasers for the new Kunihiko Ikuhara project, Sarazanmai, were released, a new Shinichiro Watanabe project was announced, and a new Boogiepop Phantom anime. We love 2018!!!!!!!

Thank you, anime gods, for delivering these gifts unto me after a week of hell.

So without further ado, please allow me to yell and scream about all this good anime shit.



I have been waitingwaitingwaiting for new Ikuhara ever since the last episode of the lesbian bear masterpiece YuriKuma Arashi. When I saw the first teaser for Sarazanmai, I was prepared to use my basic ass Japanese skills to try and figure out what the plot of the show would be. Turns out, despite half-understanding the promos, I still have no idea what the fuck it’s going to be about. Which is actually preferred. I don’t want to know ANYTHING about this beforehand. I want to be thrown into the pink, gay tsunami tidal waves of Ikuhara anime without a life jacket. Just let his genius whisk me away. Whatever it’s about, I know it’ll be great.

Seriously, though, here’s what we know so far:

  • Ikuhara is bringing back a lot of the team from Marwaru Penguindrum, including graphic designer Wataru Osakabe
  • Studio MAPPA (Yuri on ICE!!!, last season’s Inuyashiki, and the upcoming Banana Fish anime) will be producing the show, along with Lapin Track (who also worked on YuriKuma Arashi)
  • It’s slated for a 2019 release
  • It’s been predicted that this time, Ikuhara will be dealing with themes of BL instead of yuri (although this hasn’t been confirmed)
  • It’s got a sick teaser website and an official Twitter
  • Three teasers have been released so far…



I actually haven’t gotten a chance to write much about my deep love for Shinichiro Watanabe productions. Cowboy Bebop is my favorite anime of all time, I love his contributions to The AniMatrix, and I lovelovelove Macross Plus. Watanabe is known for incorporating jazz and hip-hop into his works, so hearing that he’s directing an anime that (surprise!) revolves around music is suuuper exciting. It’s bound to have an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack, and be visually stunning since it’ll be produced by Studio Bones.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Carol & Tuesday is that they are holding a global open voice call for its main characters. Specifically, they are looking for singers whose native language is English. This is a huge opportunity both for singers and for the anime industry, since a show filled with English-language songs will be more accessible to audiences across the world. Please, entire world, experience the beauty of Shinichiro Watanabe with me!

  • Carol & Tuesday will be Studio Bones production, slated for a 2019 release
  • Shinichiro Watanabe will be directing, but other big names like Eisaku Kubonouchi (character designer for Kiki’s Delivery Service) and the music production company FlyingDog Inc. are attached
  • Auditions for the two main character will be held from March 8th to April 25th
  • It’s tagline is, “The two met and created a song. No one knew what a miracle it would bring.”
  • Will air in Japan on Fuji TV’s +Ultra programming block



Oh, Boogiepop wa Warawanai. How I love you so. I saw the brilliant, slow-burn supernatural horror 2000 anime series on YouTube a few years back, and I fell in love. I own and read the first light novel, and loved it. I jam to that amazing, jazzy opening on the regular. If someone asked me what Boogiepop Phantom was about, I still wouldn’t be able to answer – it’s just avant-garde, spooky, mindscrewy goodness.

If there’s one thing the original anime series was lacking, though, it’s  visuals. It had a washed-out color pallette and a strange grainy filter that, granted, did add to the spookiness of the series, but wasn’t exactly stunning. But this new Boogiepop Phantom? Oh, it looks stunning. Look at this shit. Look at it. I’m crying. Look at that scene with the lanterns. It’s fucking beautiful.

It’s interesting that this trailer makes it look action-packed, since that’s hardly what I would expect from Boogiepop. I wonder if the actual show will have more action, or if they’re just showing off the kickass scenes they’ve animated so far. Either way – I’m pumped!!!

  • Slated for a 2018 release
  • Directed by Natsume Shingo (One Punch Man, Space Dandy) and produced by Madhouse
  • Part of Dengeki Bunko’s 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • Original creator Kouhei Kadono and original character designer Koji Ogata are both on-board
  • Kensuke Ushio (Devilman CrybabyPing-Pong the Animation) will be doing music, and will hopefully give me another smooth opening to jam out to.


So there you have it. My screams. I’m vibrating. In 2019 my soul will leave my body, probably, if it doesn’t already leave my body after the new Golden Kamuy adaptation, or the Banana Fish adaptation, or by the time the Boogiepop sequel rolls around. God, I love anime.

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