Great opening, meh show: 7 times the opening was better than the actual anime

I wracked my brain for a really long time (like five whole minutes!) trying to think of a title that didn’t sound super clickbaity, but alas…

Anyways. To the point.

Have you ever watched an anime solely because you saw the opening and thought it looked awesome? If you’re like me, you check out an anime’s opening before you decide to commit to the show, just to get a feel for the tone and the style. I remember a few years ago I wasn’t sure if I wanted to watch Serial Experiments Lain, so I looked up the opening on YouTube and…yeah, I was sold. It captured the feel of the show while still keeping an air of mystery, and it didn’t have any of those “character running by the ocean” or “all the girls jump into the air and freeze frame” opening cliches. It was an awesome opener for an awesome show.

But what about when an opening is awesome but the show sucks?? Have you ever sat through an entire anime that you didn’t like just because the opening was a banger? Because I have. There are shows with absolutely amazing openings that duped me into thinking I was in for an enjoyable experience. Darling in the Franxx almost got me hooked with its sultry opening (I’m a sucker for when the OP/ED has characters mouthing along with the words), but I know better now than to trust the opening when I know I don’t like the show…

Here are a few times I thought an anime got a waaaaay cooler opening than it deserved. Most of these I didn’t end up finishing, but some of them fooled me with their pretty visuals and catchy songs. Curse you, J-Pop!!!


HELLO this is my first example because it is the one I feel the most strongly about. This show had a lot of hype when it aired in 2015 – it was a P.A. Works produced anime that featured a ton of the talented team members who worked on Angel Beats.
I watched through that whole series because its first few episodes were great, and then suddenly —  Huge shift in tone! A bunch of Deux ex Machina plot nonsense! An idol music video in the middle of an episode for no reason? Oh, and don’t even get me started on the melodramatic little sister plotline. God, that show went downhill so, so fast. Well, at least for me, it did.

Guess what kept me going? That’s right, the powerhouse opening, driven by Lia’s excellent “Bravely You.” Every time an episode started, I was reminded of what drew me to the show in the first place – driving emotion, beautiful cinematography, and great music. Too bad the show tried to cram in about a million themes too many, which resulted in an overwrought, forced ending and some seriously bad pacing issues. …I do still jam out to this opening in the car, though.

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace

Oh, look, another disappointing anime from 2015! Actually, wait, let me be fair – Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace wasn’t exactly bad, it was just really, really disjointed. The story wove together different stories from reknowned horror/mystery author Edogawa Ranpo, but it didn’t exactly blend the stories with itsoriginal plot seamlessly. I found the characters to be rather endearing, but wow, that plot sure was convoluted and confusing. It felt like the anime didn’t know exactly what it wanted to be, and some of the black comedy elements fell flat. I enjoyed it for what it was, but it had so much potential that it just didn’t quite live up to.

Though the narrative quality of each episode fluctuated drastically every week, one thing remained consistent: its beautiful visuals and this kickass opening. Not only was the song awesome, but the visuals are incredible. Actually, rewatching it now makes me want to give the show another shot – maybe I was too hard on it? Or am I just being fooled again?!?!

Juuni Taisen

Juuni Taisen was a’ight. That’s all I really have to say about it. It was a battle royale anime that couldn’t really decide if it wanted to be a big complicated strategy show, a satire, an action show, or just another chatty NisiOisiN adaptation, so it just ended up being a predictable amalgam of all those things. 

But hey, at least that opening was really pretty! The silhouettes of all the characters blended with photo-realistic backgrounds gives a strong sense of intrigue and mystery that unfortunately was never really shown in the actual series.

Elfen Lied

Okay, so here’s a somewhat controversial opinion: I hated Elfen Lied. Like, really, really hated it. I didn’t think it was deep, I didn’t think it had clever juxtaposition – I just thought it sucked.

If I recall correctly, in one of the very first episodes Lucy pees herself and is also wearing a wet T-Shirt. I think she ~nyaas and moans a bit, too. And then like, ten minutes later in the episode she smashes some guys head in. I was so confused, and actually angry that people had hyped the show up so much. It just seemed like anime nonsense to me. Don’t try to tell me I’m just not “smart” enough to get how “deep” and “meaningful” the “psychological” “aspects” of the “show” are…homie, it’s not that I didn’t get it, it’s just that it’s bad.

That being said, it does have a really, really cool opening that blends the character artwork with that of Gustav Klimt’s paintings. I can’t deny that it’s one of the prettiest anime openings ever, but…look, if you want to watch a show with an opening based on the same artist’s paintings, just watch Sora no Woto. It’s got cute girls in it, too, except that show is actually, um, good. Let’s knock Elfen Lied down a few pegs and let that underrated gem’s opening shine instead.


Another unpopular opinion. I remember people really enjoying Gangsta. when it came out a few years ago, but I was really underwhelmed by the anime adaptation. It felt like they tried to cram too much characterization and plot into the short run-time that it had. Of course, the fact that it never actually finished doesn’t help, either, since the production company went out of business before they could even begin a season two.

Even though I didn’t really like it, I ended up watching the whole show as it aired just because I thought that opening was a stone cold bop. Like, hooooo did it hype me up for a show that I knew I wasn’t even that into. It tricked me, man. I’m not even into action shows. But the visuals were so filled with ~aesthetic~, and that weird nonsensical English auto-tine bit was so fun to yell along with each week, so I stuck with it. “GET AWAY EVERY BUUUUUG!” I don’t know what that meant, but I know I was having a blast every time I heard it!!


Okay, so here’s a (slightly) more popular opinion: despite all its hype, BLEACH really didn’t end up being that good. It dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged and dragged to make it seem like it had more content than it really did. I mean, it dragged a lot. It was really obvious that they were just dragging things out for padding because they didn’t actually have enough content to work with. It also ended up being super repetitive. Really, really repetitive. I mean, how desperate do you have to be to just stretch something out for that long?

Okay, okay, thanks for staying with me here so I could make that dumb joke. In all seriousness, the first BLEACH opening is one of my favorite anime openings of all time. Unfortunately, BLEACH is far from my favorite anime of all time. The style of this opening encapsulates everything good about BLEACH – unique character designs, a flashy sense of style, and a fun sense of fashion. I never understood why the actual content of the manga and anime never felt that stylized or unique. I mean, Tite Kubo made so many awesome promo spreads that featured characters in cool outfits and cool poses, so how come the style of those spreads and this opening were never really shown in the actual series???


Punchline had style. I’ll give it that much. Its opener reminds me a lot of the kind of avant-garde wackiness I would expect to see in a Katamari Damacy cutscene. The anime’s character designs were fun, and it also had a really wonderful color palette.

Unfortunately, it was a show about a guy who will cause the Earth to explode if he sees too many panties. Yeah, yeah, it’s supposed to be an over-the-top parody, but I personally find this brand of “LOL PERVY RANDOM I WANT TO BE FLCL SO BAD” anime to be pretty darn awful. Despite all the panties, this opening is nice, at least.

So there’s my list of anime that had waaaaaaaay better opening sequences than they deserved. Obviously, this whole post is dripping with my own personal biases and my own deep hatred for some of these shows, so to even it out – let me know what anime YOU thought sucked but had a kickass opening (or ending!). If you tell me your thoughts, too, it makes me seem more balanced and unbiased…right?

21 thoughts on “Great opening, meh show: 7 times the opening was better than the actual anime

  1. Great post! Hard to disagree about Elfen Lied, the first 6 episodes sucked but I thought it made up for it by the end, but I can understand why you’d want to drop it.

    There’s a couple of OP songs that I really like and listen to on iTunes despite coming from very mediocre shows, but that’s based more on the music than the combo of music + opening visuals.

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    1. I think I really only watched the first ten episodes or so. Honestly, part of it was that I was expecting it to match the tone of the opening a little more. Not enough background music with Latin lyrics for me to have fun!!! hahah

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  2. I love the first OP and ED for Guilty Crown, but the show was pretty terrible in my opinion.

    Thanks for the enjoyable list. And hey, nothing wrong with a bit of personal biases seeping into a post. Makes the read more fun!

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  3. I loved the intro to Juni Taisen (really didn’t like the anime) and Bleach openings are always awesome (okay, I also love Bleach but I’m not blind to its major plot failings and pacing issues – I actually have a post kind of related to that going out later today). This is a great list and there are definitely those occasions where the songs are far superior to the anime or at least leave a more lasting impression. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. I have a love/hate relationship with Bleach, so I’ll have to keep my eye out for that post! To be fair, I probably could have said Naruto openings were more hype/exciting than the show, too, now that I think about it, but Bleach makes me more angry hahaha

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  4. Thanks for writing this up. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more lists like this! I share your opinion of Bleach, but even more strongly. After reading the manga, I couldn’t stand the first few anime episodes and dropped it. The openings, however, are to die for. Number 10 in particular introduced me to Scandal, now one of my favorite bands.

    I did like Juni Taisen, for reasons I gave on my blog, and REALLY miss the opening! Charlotte I actually really enjoyed, but not the opening so much! 😸 Funny how people can have such different tastes! But I guess we wouldn’t have much to talk about otherwise. ☺️

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    1. I watched sooooo much BLEACH when I was in middle school & then when I tried to watch it again a few years back I just couldn’t do it :/ I do jam to the OPs & EDs all the time. Actually now that I think about it, I jam to the EDs more…I love Movin!!, which I think is the 8th ED(?).

      I watched all of Juni Taisen with friends, so I had fun watching it but I think only because I had good company haha. I know a lot of people loved Charlotte but man it made me so mad!!


      1. Yeah, the Bleach music is so jam-worthy! I haven’t listened to the endings so much, though, so I’ll go back and listen to Movin. ☺️

        Anime is definitely more fun when you can share it with friends! Glad you got to do that with JT. It’s been quite a while since I saw Charlotte; maybe if I watched it again I’d feel the same way you do about it! Have you heard LieAndLee’s translyric version of the Charlotte opening? I do enjoy listening to that, and you might as well.


  5. Totally agree about Elfen Leid, that show was terrible. it tried too hard to but ultra-violent and edgy. Of course, it succeeded on both of those, but that’s not exactly a good thing.

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    1. So many people say they love it so I really thought I was missing something, so I’m glad to hear other people feel the same way. It mostly just came off as unintentionally funny to me!

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  6. I’ve only seen Bleach and Juuni Taisen, but I definitely agree with you on both. I sat through all the openings and endings for Bleach and even have some of them saved on my music library to this day, but the show itself was extremely long and repetitive. I’m so glad they stopped producing the anime. As for Juuni Taisen, I haven’t even finished the show, I just don’t have the patience because the show lacks a clear direction- but definitely the opening made it seem like a very epical show.

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  7. I definitely agree with Bleach on this list. Some anime series that have good theme songs while the shows were mediocre in my mind would be Seraphim Call (the opening them is too catchy for this show), I’LL/CKBC (Migite is a song that’s way too good for this short OVA), and Soul Hunter/Hoshin Engi (the original series).


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