Bloggin’ On Blogging: How do you approach your blog’s tone/theme?

Before I get into the meat of this post, I’m gonna go on a little personal aside: I really, really like writing. I mean, we all like writing to a degree, right? That’s why we’re here, yeah? Deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a writer in some way or another. First, I thought I wanted to write fiction, and then I thought I wanted to write scripts for TV.  Then I realized I actually just wanted to write about TV, but it can be really hard to actually land a steady job or even a freelance job doing entertainment writing because, well, there are already critics doing it and there are a million other people trying to get into it, too.

Right now, I have a job in sales (it’s boring and stuffy and corporate…but I like it), so I’ve just regulated writing to a hobby. But I don’t want to give up on my dream, even if it’s just something I do as a side-hustle. That is, essentially, why I started this blog – to practice writing, put myself out there, and get a better feel for my own voice. I was really surprised when it turned out there was a large anime blogging community to interact with, so that was a fun bonus! Though I am a small blog and post very, very inconsistently, I appreciate anyone who takes the time to read/like/comment. It might seem like a small gesture, but it’s actually incredibly validating, so thank you.

Thanks Thank You GIF-source
I’m sorry that I’m thanking you with such a low quality GIF…

Onto my big question – how do you go about deciding what to write about? This blog is still fairly new, so I’m still very much struggling to figure out exactly what kind of posts I want to write and what my blogging “identity” really is. Yeah, I write about anime, but there are so many different ways you can do that. I’ve been trying to make it a point to write more often, and I’ve even been scheduling posts so that I can be at least a little bit more consistent, but I still feel like my actual posts are all over the place in terms of content and structure.

Though I really enjoyed putting together those posts about Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho and the way the director utilized composition, they were really time consuming. To a degree, they kind of pulled me out of enjoying the show, too, because I was just mentally writing the article in my head while I watched. I want to get back to that series (both the literal anime series and the posts about them), but I’m kinda disappointed in myself for not keeping up with them on a semi-regular basis. Episodic reviews/analysis just don’t seem like my thing.

its hard to catch up citrus
I already used this on a post this week, but I feel it so hard in my aniblogger soul.

I also thought I wanted to write more analytical posts in the vein of my dark magical girls post, but those take a lot of effort. They’re fun, for sure, but I don’t know if I have it in me to write them every week. And plain old anime reviews, like what I was writing when I first started, just don’t fire me up enough. They’re also kinda hard to write often, since you have to actually watch a million shows in order to write a million different reviews. I tried writing them with a twist (it was a series about weird, usually R+ rated shows I would stumble across late at night), but I didn’t really keep up with it.

I’ve really enjoyed a lot of the posts out there on blogging, and have found them really helpful, like Irina and Lita’s recent collab series. Remy’s post from a while ago telling anibloggers to just respectfully be themselves was also helpful  to me and even, dare I say, inspired me a bit. It really is amazing how much everyone supports each other and gives each other advice even though we’re all technically strangers. Again, it’s all very validating and makes it easier to write, even if I’m stumbling to find a groove that works for me along the way.

But even with all those great posts and encouragement out there, I still wanna know more about how everyone blogs! So I’m just gonna post this post and ask you all your thoughts directly!

baton pass.gif
I pass the blogging baton to you!

How do you go about your blog’s tone & theme? Do you try to stick to a theme, or do you just write whatever comes to mind? Does a theme really even matter to you?

And, if you do have a really specific thing you write about (yuri, mecha, cute anime girls, whatever) or a specific format, how long did it take you to get into that groove? Do you ever find that groove to be too cloying/restrictive?

I know, I know. I’ve just bombarded you with a lot of questions, and a lot of personal mumbo jumbo, but the blogging community really intrigues me. While I of course love reading everyone’s thoughts on anime/movies/pop culture, I also love just reading about how y’all write what you write. So not only am I looking for advice, I’m also just looking to be nosy – tell me how you’re operating. Show me what makes you tick!

I’m looking forward to any answers I get, and thanks again for taking the time to read and respond!

10 thoughts on “Bloggin’ On Blogging: How do you approach your blog’s tone/theme?

  1. I have conversations. Basically, I don’t know man people that watch anime in my life so I would be walking the dog or sitting in traffic and think about a series I had just seen and thoughts or musings it brought up and sort of discuss it with myself (man that sounds really sad… It’s not, I swear!) My posts are essentially just that, when I find my mind wandering on about something mildly anime (or now bogging) related I just write it out stream of consciousness style and see where it takes me.
    It’s a bit messy and doesn’t make for the most incisive posts. My tone is very much conversational rather than analytic or jurnalistic. Since my day job involves tons of research, I tend to go the other way with posts and really write off the top of my head.
    It makes it that my comments section is often more interesting (and accurate) than my posts which has the added bonus of having information and brilliant insights come to me but you have to be ok with passing for a moron from time to time.
    I hope this made some type of sense.
    And I’m sure you will find your voice, I love your posts so far so from this side of the computer you’re already doing it right.

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    1. I end up recording myself talking about things to write about while I’m driving to work (I have a pretty long commute so it helps the drive go by faster, too!), so conversations with yourself doesn’t sound sad to me at all haha I do it all the time! But I really like how your posts come out – they really do feel kinda personal and like…well, like you’re having a conversation with the reader, haha. Thank you so much for ya kind words & for typing up a response!

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  2. Initially, I only really blogged about anime and my own books. What that meant though was very posts a month. It was once I branched out into pop culture as a whole that more ideas hit. What I’ve found helps is having some regular features. For example, I have Crunchroll of teh Dice (my yearly anime review tournament), Retro First Impressions (playing retro games for the first time), anda few others. They mean that i have a set format in palce each month for at leaat one post, which in turn allows the amterial to snowball a little as the month goes on.

    The best advice I can give though is to find the topics that fit best for you. Look at what you’re enjoying writing, look at what you’re watching or doing outside blogging, and blend it together as and when ideas hit you.

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    1. Thank you for the insight! I have been thinking about doing some little series and actually sticking with them so that I can get a better routine going on. It’s one of those weird inbetweens where it’s like…I know I always want to write, but then I’m not sure what to write about. Probably I should just loosen up and write whatever and branch out a little more myself…haha

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  3. I am familiar with that feeling of trying to figure out your blogger identity. It’s rough when nothing seems to really click. All I can really say in regards to that is to keep trying. You’ll hopefully find something that works for you.

    Now onto your questions!

    Q: How do you go about your blog’s tone & theme?
    A: I try my best to put out yuri content when I can. My tone is all over the place but I’ve definitely settled into being more casual recently.

    Q: Do you try to stick to a theme, or do you just write whatever comes to mind? Does a theme really even matter to you?
    A: Well, I try but just writing about yuri is a bit difficult for me. It’s because I am afraid of spreading misinformation and even though writing is bound to become subjective I become worried of putting out content that can be challenged by naysayers who disagree and who think that the girls in Madoka aren’t gay, etc. It sort of becomes a touchy subject, especially when other yuri bloggers are throwing shade at one another or seem to be refusing to acknowledge each other, so I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut. I have a few ideas but I don’t know if I can pull them off and have the posts meet my own standards.
    In short, the theme does matter to me (I’m running The Lily Garden, after all) and I’ve become burdened by my need to please, perhaps.

    Q: And, if you do have a really specific thing you write about (yuri, mecha, cute anime girls, whatever) or a specific format, how long did it take you to get into that groove? Do you ever find that groove to be too cloying/restrictive?
    A: From the very start, I knew that I wanted to blog about yuri and I originally felt like I could do a better job than several other popular yuri blogs. But now I find myself struggling to not default to saying “These girls are hot and gay, wow!” I want to say something more meaningful! Been thinking of reading up on feminism to expand my horizons.

    At any rate, thank you for such a thoughtful post and for including my post!

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    1. Thank you for answering in such detail! I appreciate knowing that other people have been in the same boat. For what it’s worth, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a “these girls are hot and gay, wow” review every once in a while, haha!
      I do get what you mean in terms of classifying yuri, though – I write about it sometimes now but when I started that was going to be a main focus, but then I realized I wasn’t really sure what things were ACTUALLY considered yuri. Actually, once upon a time, I was gonna start a blog dedicated exclusively to anything with yuri/BL overtones, but then I realized I didn’t actually know what I was talking about after all, haha. I would like to write more analytical or idk, sociological(?) types of things on the subject in the future, but at the same time I just want to have a good time and talk about anime boobs…
      Incidentally, have you ever read stuff from Erica Friedman? She’s like, a legitimate scholar whose research is dedicated to yuri. I’ve been meaning to read her essays for a while but still haven’t gotten to it. That might be up your alley!
      Anyways, this was a big reply, but you oughta know that I think your posts hit the mark and are really well-written! I think they’re generally a bit more meaningful than the average review, so even if you’re in a rut I bet whatever you have cooking up will be pretty awesome 😀

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      1. It was my pleasure! Wellllll maybe every once in a while I can put out that sort of review, haha.

        What one perceives as yuri can be so different from another’s perspective, yeah. It certainly makes things exciting. Ooohh! That could have been nice! But mmmm, anime titties are quite, uh, engaging, so I can see why you would want to just focus on them.

        Oh, yeah, I’ve read one or two of her work. One of these days I’ll get to more. Hopefully we can both agree with what she’s saying, but perhaps it isn’t the end of the world we don’t haha.

        Oh, thank you! I’ll try to live up to your kind words.

        You need to keep it up and just post when you can. The office lady life is a hard one, after all. But believe me when I say I do love reading your content!

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  4. I kept my theme simple and easy, I’m exploring anime and manga and talking about it as I go! I can write reviews, first impressions, talk about things within the Japanese culture and the anime subculture on a whim. I can tear series apart and analyze them and no matter where I go and how I write, I’m still exploring and learning. I like it, cause I’m free to write about what I want how I want, but I still have the parameter of keeping it related In some way to anime and manga and the world of Japan.


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