Sweet Punishment: I Watched It So You Don’t Have To! [ep 2 + ep 3]

Despite her innocence, Hina Saotome is about to be sent to a prison filled with dangerous(ly hot) men. There she must be punished by a sexy, sadistic guard and be subject to his “heartless yet sweet domination.” This is Sweet Punishment: I Am the Guard’s Private Pet, a short-form, web-only ecchi series. See episode one’s post here.

After complaining about questionable content in anime just a few days ago, NATURALLY I had to follow that up by getting back to the Erotic Prison Slave anime. I forgot that this wasn’t subbed anywhere, so we’re back to my Genki II textbook level Japanese translations…

First off, I’m pretty sure I translated her prison number wrong. I guess she’s not #39, but #0377? But I swear that’s not the number they gave her initially. This seems like it’s getting made up as it goes along, so I honestly  wouldn’t be surprised if they were just pulling numbers out of their ass each time they addressed Hina.

Screenshot (874).png
Either way, they missed the perfect opportunity to call her prisoner #69.

It seems glasses guy really is Hina’s boyfriend and not just a passionate lawyer, because he came to visit her and reassure her that he’s been doing well while she’s gone. She’s happy to have some peace talking to her man, until SUDDENLY, the guard starts trying to go down on her right in front of Glasses Guy???

Screenshot (876).png
I’m leaving the volume in the screenshot to show that I had to desperately tab the volume down because she started moaning 😮

Then we inexplicably get treated to this visual?? There was even a “booiiiiing” sound effect, I shit you not. My laptop can’t handle the GIF-ing process, so I’m just gonna link you to this exact moment so you can really soak it all in. (NSFW, obviously!)

Screenshot (878).png
Look at how unbothered he is!!

Instead of questioning the prison guard trying to fuck his woman, Glasses Guy really just TURNS AROUND AND SAYS “SEE YA LATER.” What a useless boyfriend/lawyer hybrid he is. Not only did his shitty lawyering not even keep Hina out of jail, he really only chats with her for under a minute and then just ignores this! Shaking my head!!! Boyfriend of the year he is not! No wonder she’s so horny for punishment, she’s probably tired of this milquetoast bitch! I bet he kept his socks on whenever they made love!


Anyways. Guard escorts her to a whole ass tower, and locks her in a room with these Very On-Model And Not At All Lazily Drawn side characters. They’re all like, “hehehehehe we’re gonna have some fun with this cute girl,” and she’s all like, “oh noooooo I’m pretending I’m upset but this is a hentai so I’m actually not that upset!”

But wait! Tit-toos from last episode is there to protect her! He even gets stabbed for her! (At least I think it’s the same guy? These character designs are…really inconsistent.)

Screenshot (883).pngOkay, yeah it is Tit-toos. I’m not sure exactly what they say to each other, but she thanks him for his help and then I think he asks her about her mom? I have no clue what’s going on, but Hina gets dramatic and starts talking about how lonely she is and how she has no one to turn to. At least, I think that’s what she’s talking about…anyways, it seems Tit-toos has vowed to protect her from Chinny Chin Chin. He even takes post in front of her while she sleeps.

Screenshot (884).png

This episode was kind of boring aside from that beginning bit, and had more dialogue than my small brain was able to translate. Boooo. Moving on to episode three.

Screenshot (886)

This episode starts with Chinny Chin Chin triggering some kind of device that arouses Hina while she’s working out in the court yard. We get another censor, but I honestly don’t even know what Mickey Mouse is hiding this time. I guess it’s a vibrator?

Screenshot (887)

Anyways, Hina is SHAKING and just stares dead-eyed into the camera for a bit thanks to this device. Nothing sexier than being directly stared at while prisoners do poorly animated jumping jacks in the background!

Screenshot (889).png

The other guards yell at her for not keeping up, and she makes this face, and then passes out. Chinny Chin Chin is like, “wow, it’s been a long time since someone passed out like this.” Which makes me wonder, have they had female prisoners before? Does he do this stuff to any male prisoners? What are his motives here? Why is he the only guard doing all of these things to her? When Hina wakes up, he starts scolding her for passing out. She tries to tell him that it’s his fault (duh) and he gets her again.

Then for some reason it cuts to everyone in a shipping facility and this happens?

Screenshot (893).png

I’m so confused. Who is getting paid to make this content? Can I just slap some weird semi-erotic stuff together and put it on YouTube, too? Are these videos even monetized? I’m spiraling here.

Screenshot (894).png

Tit-toos and Hina talk more about how shitty prison is, and the camera stays on this looped animation of Hina typing for a good fifteen seconds. Then we get a flashback of all the “”sexy”” stuff that happened, which, just like in episode one, I have to point out that there’s NO REASON TO PUT FLASHBACKS IN SOMETHING THAT’S ONLY FOUR MINUTES LONG. I’m not going to forget, no matter how much I want to…

Screenshot (896).png
Now I see where he gets his chin…

The show attempts to give Chinny Chin Chin some sort of characterization by suddenly showing us that his mother is in the hospital and he’s brought her flowers. I don’t know about y’all, but I don’t think this one nice thing is going to cancel out all this rape stuff he’s pulling. Thanks for trying, though, YouTube porn.

Uhhhh, then Glasses Guy and Hina have a passionate discussion about something or other but I couldn’t understand it 😦 Can you believe no one licensed this for an English sub simulcast???

Oh boy. Another eight minutes of my life, gone. This go-around wasn’t quite as funny as the premiere episode was, but like I said before, I am dedicated to the aniblogging community and will not rest until every seasonal is fully covered. I will not let Sweet Punishment go unblogged! I know there are folks yearning for this content…or at least that’s what I’m going to tell myself as I continue to draft up these reviews!!

3 thoughts on “Sweet Punishment: I Watched It So You Don’t Have To! [ep 2 + ep 3]

  1. A sick/dying mother/parent is always the excuse bad guys give to make people love them. That doesn’t excuse rape though, unless her dying wish was to see her son rape women. If that’s the case, then she’s one messed up woman, no?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I honestly HOPE that’s the turn this takes. Next episode is just her dying last words to him, “please son, make your mother proud & be the most sadistic prison guard you can be…..” My actual prediction is she’s gonna like, ask her to find a nice girl or something & he’s gonna try & romance our girl & she falls for him :/

      Liked by 1 person

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