Bloggin’ on bloggin’: Anime blogging reignited my love for writing

I kind of forgot how much I enjoyed writing until I started writing here.

When I was little, my dream was to be a writer. Writing has always come naturally to me, and I remember writing short detective stories when I was a grade schooler. We had this computer program at school called Storybook Weaver that allowed you to make your own picture books on the computer, complete with shitty pixelated stock graphics. My parents ended up getting me the program at home, and I would create stories constantly. A teacher in second grade saw that I enjoyed writing and even got me a special Harry Potter journal. (Shout out to Ms. Skomsky – love you biiiitch.)

In high school, I would write little fanfictions about my friends and I going on dates with celebrities and band members we liked. Kind of cringy, I know, but it was fun, and my friends got a kick out of them. I enjoyed writing essays for class, because I knew I was good at writing them and could get away with injecting some of my personality into them so long as I kept it in MLA format. I had become more self-conscious upon entering high school, though – I no longer felt confident enough to write stories as freely as I once had.

When I went to college, though, I remembered my passion…kinda. I went to school for film and journalism, with the vague goal of wanting to write a screenplay of some sort. Or just work on a movie, or write a book that could turn into a movie, or…something. I didn’t know what exactly, but I knew I wanted to incorporate writing in somehow. I picked up journalism later, since I knew I could handle the writing intensive courses and thought it would be useful to learn to write in a more specific and structured manner.

Need to…break up text…must google “anime writer” again…

I took screenwriting classes, but was surprised to find that the stuff I was writing wasn’t blowing anyone away like it did when I was in high school and grade school. I was in the big leagues now, and needed to actually learn and apply fiction-writing techniques and listen to criticism. I took a TV writing class, and was told that my idea for a pilot – one that I was very passionate about and put a lot of time into – wasn’t interesting enough. No matter how much effort I put in, the professor gave the same feedback – “not enough to keep viewers hooked.” I was pretty devastated, and thought, “gee, maybe writing wasn’t my thing, after all.” I was emo about that for a while, and started gravitating towards other things like video editing and graphics.

I was still doing well in my journalism classes, though, so I figured maybe all I needed was to shift my writing direction a little more. Instead of trying to write movies and television, I could just try and write about them, using a weird blend of both majors. I resolved to start a film blog, but was too bogged down by class responsibilities. Plus, I was already dealing with Hardcore Depression, and was having trouble motivating myself to do anything, let alone pick up a new hobby.

Then I graduated, and started feeling restless. I picked up a shitty retail job, and started to forget what my ~career goals~ even were. I was focused on making money and bringing my mental health back up to speed and ignored my passions for a bit. I also started watching a lot more anime, because, like, that’s what you do when you have a giant void you’re trying to fill in your life. You watch a shit ton of anime. But I wanted to do something, to use my time better, to fill the void even more, and so I decided to try to blog again, but this time about anime. Thus, Welcome To Hell Zone was born.

I also have to screenshot every time a person writes something so I can actually have images for posts like this…

For a while, I was fixated on followers, getting likes, getting comments, etc. I saw other Cool Anime Folks on Twitter who had anime blogs, so I wanted to be like them, too. That was, I thought, why I started the blog in the first place. But I think it was always a little deeper than that. While I of course still want to have some kind of an audience, I realize now that all I really wanted was a reason to write again. I wanted to ease back into it, and start small. Writing about fiction helps me write about my own life and feelings…it gives me a frame to put those personal feelings into words. The blog post I wrote about My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness and my Amanchu! Advance post about friendship are two examples of this. It’s like, I won’t write about personal shit on my own time, but if some anime or manga makes me think about it? Well then, hell yeah, I have a reason to write something down because I can apply it to my blog. Suddenly, I have goals and passion again.

When I was writing that Amanchu! post earlier in the week, I really had a nice flow going and started to remember all the stories about friendship I had intended to write someday. I forgot I had even storyboarded a movie based on my old highschool friendships before. And even though the post didn’t do particularly well, it felt great to write it and just put it out there – to see the different places those words could take me.

It’s like, sometimes I don’t know my own feelings until I write about them, you know? And now I have a reason to write, and even people who tell me they like reading what I write! It’s awesome, and I’ve realized that it doesn’t really matter what I write about or even how many people read what I write – I’m not out here writing the next great American novel, I’m writing anime blog posts that only get like, 20-30 views. But it’s…fun. I forgot that writing was fun, and made me feel good. It’s amazing, really, how much casually starting an anime blog positively impacted my life and my abilities. I’m getting back in that groove, that natural flow, and it makes me really, really, really happy. I’m even gaining the confidence to start trying to write things for other websites. Heck, I’m writing so often, I’m thinking about starting another blog on the side so I can write about music/movies/whatever and start putting a little portfolio together. I might not make writing my full-time job or anything (that shit don’t pay and I got bills, yo!), but I’m happy to have it develop as a full-fledged hobby or side-hustle.


Now, to bring it in to you. Has blogging about whatever it is you blog about reignited anything like this in you? Do you write more because you love to write, or more because you love what you’re writing about? I guess for me, it’s really a bit of both, but I’ll talk about how great writing specifically about anime and manga is another time. I’ve said before that I love reading people’s thoughts about how media affects, but I’m equally as interested in reading about why and how people write about these things in the first place. So if you’ve read this far, let me know about your own writing experiences! And, because I don’t say it enough, thanks for reading 🙂

20 thoughts on “Bloggin’ on bloggin’: Anime blogging reignited my love for writing

  1. I’m more love writing because I can express about what I like.

    But right now I’m learning how to write to make people love to read your writing, somehow I want to give the same feeling what I got when I read something interesting xD

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    1. I get that, there’s a lotta posts I read that I really enjoy that make me think, “wow I wanna write stuff that makes people interested like this!” haha


  2. This is so relatable! I always wrote as a kid (wrote a frickin love poem to this boy when I was 6), and thought that I would become a writer in the future. Then there was pressure and doubt, but I’m somehow still majoring in English lit now. I wish I could write more personal analytical pieces on my blog too, but so far it hasn’t happened yet.
    I seriously love your writing style and humour. And of course, those more personal blog posts. Keep it up!!

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    1. Thank you so much! I really enjoy your posts, too – I really like how you cover episode reviews and when you write about music because I feel like you’re really into it & it shows in what you write 🙂 it’s crazy how much easier stuff is when you’re younger & don’t even think on a level of “what are other people gonna think” or “what if I don’t succeed” & things like that…

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  3. That’s a really lovely story of yourself and thanks for sharing with us! 🙂
    I totally agree with the part when you mentioned that ‘you don’t know your own feelings until you start writing about them’. I’m sure we all love to share what we feel with others in hope of reaching their hearts and connecting with one another. And you’re doing it splendidly ^^

    Personally now, I write as a way of keeping track of the way I think as time goes along, and also for a reason similar to Kotarou in Tsuki ga Kirei. Inspiring people would be a bonus side effect which I’d like to achieve too.

    Keep on writing and keep that dream real! :))

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean a lot 🙂

      That’s a good reason, too, I didn’t really think about that! I do like reading things I wrote before because sometimes I surprise myself, it’s like, “wow, I don’t even remember feeling that way, but I guess I did!” it really does make you get to know yourself better, in a way.

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  4. Blogging has definitely inspired me to write again. I kind of hit a spot where I just wasn’t writing at all, other than what I needed to for work. I always enjoyed writing stories and just writing in general so I’m glad that starting my blog got me writing again.

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  5. At one early part in my life, I was completely into books and knew I had to get a job somewhere in that field (it flipflopped between “illustrator”, “author” or “editor”). Then I found manga, rediscovered anime, started blogging and found some other subjects I was more dedicated to (in that order), so fiction’s very much gone to the backburner these days.

    I guess the mindset behind fiction for me is “love what you write” and the mindset behind more analytical stuff is “write what you love”, so it’s more the latter lately.

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    1. I used to read sooo much, I’m trying to get back into it. I forgot how much I loved reading, too!

      And yeah, that makes sense. Anime stuff was a good re-entry point, since I love to talk/write about it in the first place.

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  6. I love these posts – the ones that feel like you’ve made a friend. Writing in any sort of more creative form is something I had never done before I started the blog but I’m slowly falling in love with it….I’m glad you are enjoying yourself. You obviously have a talent for writing and it’s nice that you want to share it with us.

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    1. Thank you so much…I really enjoy reading your posts, so I’m glad to see all the different new things you try out. Something else that’s fun about all the anime blogging stuff is just seeing other people experiment and write different things since they have free range over their own site and what not. It’s just nice seeing everyone so passionate about something they love 😀

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  7. I do like reading your other content, but these posts which keep things real are great, too. Keep it up~

    Since you asked for us to share, I was into writing poetry and such in high school but lots of things happened and I stopped writing for a few years until after I graduated from college. At times I wonder if I should try to aggressively pitch myself to big anime sites but I’m not sure I can handle constant deadlines and potential restrictions. Ah, well.

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  8. I’m so late commenting on this, liked it so I wouldn’t loose it to not comment. I really enjoyed reading your post, of finding more about you. I’m happy for you that finding your writing passion again my dear. As for me I wanted expand my love in anime, writing about anime has become second nature honestly. It’s improved my english a lot and how I write, still much to learn. From how I first started definitely my grammar and style has changed a lot. For the better though.

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    1. Thank you for reading & thank you for commenting! I really love hearing about what draws other people to blogging and what they’ve gained from it…it’s just so cool how much something like blogging about anime can do for people 😌

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