A lil personal update: my shit laptop is gone, all hail my new computer!

Hey hey! So, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I was briefly laptop-less. Tragic. My old laptop got a virus while I was trying to find another episode of that stupid Sweet Punishment anime that I had been watching on YouTube and writing “reviews” for on here. Even though I got rid of said virus, it was enough to do the ol’ computer in for good. It had been on the fritz for a while, and had been giving me a lot of random memory management errors, and so whatever this virus did must’ve exacerbated the issues the hard drive was already having. R.I.P., old girl.

Needless to say, that series of blog posts have been cancelled…this is also why I only ended up posting one time this week.

I also lost all my screencaps and gifs, soooo looks like we’ll be googling lotsa relevant anime pictures from here on out!

But, luckily, I had been saving up for a new laptop for a while because, as I said, I knew my old one was on the way out. I, like, couldn’t even run anything other than my web browser on it without it crashing or freezing up. If anything, I’m thankful the computer lasted long enough for me to get enough money together to buy something better. And now I have something better! Much, much better!

This is really exciting to me, because I’ve been so antsy to work on personal projects. At school, I studied film & media, and I was specifically into video editing. Once I graduated, though, I didn’t really have the resources to actually keep up with any of that stuff. But now that I have a decent laptop, I’m back on track!

Part of the reason I started this blog in the first place was because I was feeling really bummed out that I couldn’t work on the super ambitious digital art/video art projects I wanted to do, so I wanted to channel all that restless, anxious energy into writing.  It doesn’t really take a powerful computer to run WordPress, after all, and writing is something I’ve always been interested in. I’m really, really glad I started writing more – I don’t wanna get too repetitive because I feel like I say this every other week, but this blog really did reignite my love for writing and give me a boost of confidence.

I can do anything now!!!

Next, I’m hoping I can use this blog as a way to get in touch with my other hobbies and passions. Like, for example, video editing! It’ll probably still be quite some time before I can get my thoughts organized and tackle the big projects that I’ve been thinking up, but in the meantime, I’m hoping I can use this blog to channel my energy into smaller projects, like editing together little trailers for lesser known anime I want to recommend, or maybe even do some video essays. Yeesh, I might even get back into the world of anime AMVs…no matter what it is I end up doing, I’m sure it’ll be fun and great practice for the future. Whatever is in store, I hope you’ll join me along this avenue in my anime hobby journey, as well!

I also really enjoy drawing, and have been wanting to tackle the world of digital art and graphic design for a while. I’ve read random articles and tutorials on the topics, and I vaguely know how to use PhotoShop from what I had to do at school, but it’s not like I could apply any of the stuff I was reading about, since I didn’t have a computer that could handle any of the work involved. Eventually, I’ll start messing around with those things more, too, so hopefully I can practice by making different headers and things like that for the site so I can get a little more used to the basics. Ooooh, maybe I can even make my own gifs…the possibilities are endless.

I might be getting a little ahead of myself…I have a lot of messing around to do before I actually make anything, and I’m probably gonna slack off and enjoy this laptop’s ability to run games on Steam without pooping itself. I’m just, well, really excited. I love learning new things!! And now, I’m going to get the opportunity to learn more new things because I have resources!!!

I know I am still just a wee baby blog, not even a year old, but honestly everyone’s been so supportive and kind, and so I just want to say thank you again for everyone reading, commenting, liking, sharing, whatever-ing. It means a lot to me, and it’s given me a lot more confidence when it comes to my hobbies and writing skills. To a degree, I think it’s encouraging stuff like that that’s pushed me to actually try to do the things I wanna do, you know?? It’s just nice. Hobbies are nice. The internet is nice. The rest of the year will be nice. I am content. And I hope my contentedness will come with more content for you!

hanamaru kunikida smile love live sunshine.gif
A smile for the future, zura!



8 thoughts on “A lil personal update: my shit laptop is gone, all hail my new computer!

    1. Thank you! I hope so, too haha.
      I had been doing things with Krita before, but I always had issues with it. But…that might’ve just been because my computer sucked haha. I gotta mess around with a few things and figure out which program I’m comfortable with.

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    1. phewww that’s gotta be a struggle, I cannot get my phone to handle WordPress smoothly. my phone is also old as shit though haha


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