Anime AMVs from the 2000s: the highest art form there ever was

Is there still a big AMV community out there? Do people still make AMVs on YouTube? They’re probably still out there, I’m just not as tuned in. I remember being really into AMVs when I was in middle school. For a while, we had this laptop that couldn’t be unplugged because the battery was screwy, and I would wake up super early in the morning so I could sneak out into the kitchen, jerry-rig it so the wiring couldn’t get loose, and just watch anime music videos on YouTube undisturbed.

In fact, when I was twelve, I really wanted to make one, but I didn’t really know how, and this ridiculously outdated (and broken) laptop definitely wouldn’t have been able to handle even Windows Movie Maker. I even drew up a little storyboard for it. I wanted to make a Kingdom Hearts AMV using some song from the Cowboy Bebop soundtrack, and (more embarrassingly), I wanted to make an Ouran High School House Club AMV with the song “Pretty Fly For A White Guy.”

It’s kind of funny, because when I got to college I ended up getting really into video editing, and I would edit short films for the film club. I’m a big dork when it comes to editing…I could write about how important I think it is and how interesting a process I think it is, but then I would never actually get back to talking about anime. Maybe subconsciously it was those AMVs that fostered this love for video editing and graphics in me?

Anyways, I still am pretty attached to a lot of those old videos, and thankfully, it looks like a lot of them still exist on YouTube, in all their 240p glory! I’m mad because there’s some guy who used to make these really intricate Naruto AMVs that always wowed me when I was younger because they had these wild special effects and overlays. I can’t find them, but I hope that guy went on to work for television or something. There was some raw talent in those Naruto edits, man. Aside from those, here are some of the videos I used to watch over and over again in middle school. Some of them are really impressive, some of them are…corny and cheesy, but all of ’em make me smile.

This one right here is THE ICONIC ANIME AMV as far as I’m concerned. I still get this song stuck in my head. Actually, I still watch this. It’s a good video. Kind of a cheesy bad song, maybe, but a good video! You can tell that a LOT of work was put into this, too. It still kind of amazes me. I always thought the bloopers at the end were a nice touch, even though there’s some casual n-words in there. Woops!

HERE WE GO. A classic, as far as I’m concerned. I was a big Roxas fangirl when I was a kid because, I mean, course I was. Weren’t we all? I watched a LOT of Kingdom Hearts edits in my day. Most of those are lost to the sands of time (probably a good thing, they were pretty bad), but I’ll always remember this one. Even my mom thought it was funny!

Side note: whatever happened to Parry Grip, the guy who made the “Do You Like Waffles” song? I know that a few years ago he made promo songs for the Wawa hoagie fest…

So, I never watched RahXephon, I just watched this AMV over and over again and thought it was really cool. I tried watching RahXephon years later and thought it was kind of stuffy and pretentious, to be honest. Maybe I’ll give it another try someday.

This AMV uses a Frou Frou song, which is very 2000s of it. The guy who made this was the same guy who made that Haruhi Skittles AMV. Apparently he won a lot of awards at various cons (you can see why). I wonder where he is now…Koopiskeva, I hope you got hired by a fancy post-production company.

Do they still have AMV contests at cons? I’ve only been to one anime convention, so I know nothing.

This one is! Not very good! But I watched it a million times when I was like, eleven. In fact, it used to really piss my mom off, and she would make me wear headphones because she was tired of hearing “I Like To Move It” every other day. I really liked this song for some reason. When Madagascar came out and this song was in all the trailers, my mom got some Naruto video PTSD.

I’m guessing this video was a re-upload, because it only has ~800 views. If it really did only get that many views over the course of eleven years, I can almost guarantee that every one of them was me.

Here’s another classic. Remember this song? It was like, the meme song for a while. It came on at a bar I was at a few months ago, for some reason, and I lost my mind. And no, it wasn’t a gay bar. I guess this video could probably be considered wildly homophobic, but I had no concept of that when I was twelve. I just thought butt sex jokes were funny. Actually, the older I get, the more I realize that most of the things I thought were funny when I was twelve were wildly homophobic, which like, jokes on me, because I ended up being kinda gay in the end!

On a more relevant note, my friend recently watched all of Bleach for the first time, so I sent them this on Twitter. They blocked me for a week.

OKAY HERE’S ANOTHER GOOD ONE. First of all, that stupid “I’m blue da ba dee da ba die” song was fucking everywhere when I was in middle school. There were lots of heated debates about whether or not the lyrics were that or, “I’m blue if I were green I would die.” It’s a really terrible song, and it belongs in hell.

But, for the sake of reliving this beautiful Fruits Basket AMV, I will listen to it again. That little laser in the beginning, the edit to make Tohru Honda blue…this right here is high art.

I told y’all about how I got a new laptop, sooo there’s a strong possibility I’m going to end up unironically making AMVs again. I, uh, may or may not have made a really shitty fake anime trailer that was exported really badly on my old laptop last year…I’m an old lady and I don’t really understand this newfangled YouTube set up because the last time I actually used an account was in, well, 2007. I’m more used to uploading movies on Vimeo. I think I made some weird anime slideshows on YouTube back then, now that I think about it, but that channel definitely got hacked or something and is gone forever now. Which, like, good. I don’t need to relive those.

Aw man, I got myself all nostalgic and cheesy again. I’m totally gonna make anime videos in my free time now. Let me know if you have any AMV suggestions from more recent years, or if you remember any 10+ year old anime edits. Or, if you used to make AMVs, share them! I live for content like this!

16 thoughts on “Anime AMVs from the 2000s: the highest art form there ever was

  1. Great post! I can appreciate the appeal of editing, I used to make video reviews on (remember that site? no, me neither) back in the day and the editing was always my favourite part.

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  2. So, I looked up Pretty Fly For A White Guy, and oh boy XD. I cringed, and laughed a lot. That song, is so dated hahaha.

    I liked the RahXephon AMV. It’s pretty good. I personally don’t watch many AMV nowadays. I used to watch them more when I was still going to school, and watched a bunch of Naruto AMV at the time. I do recall not many of them being edited well with low quality video, but back then I didn’t care. I got to see all the awesome fights with music I liked.

    I agree on the editing being good in some of them. Doing more than just putting a bunch of random clips together, and making something special of their own to tell some kind of story.

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    1. Yeahhhh I guess I hadn’t actually heard that song in like, at least eight years, so it was hard to hear again haha!

      There are definitely a lot of really dumb ones that I used to watch that were literally nothing more than like, the big Naruto/Sasuke fight set to Franz Ferdinand or Linkin Park…

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  3. Yeah there’s still a lot of AMVs out rn, me and my friends searched up xxxtentacion AMVs as a joke and a bunch of them actually came up. They’re pretty high quality though but kind of short

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    1. I remember there were a lot of ~vaporwave~ anime edits on Vine and stuff like that, but I think I just blocked them from my mind lmao


    1. I legit watched that video like, every day for a while. To the point where I think of that song before I think of Hare Hare Yukai when it comes to Haruhi hahaha


    1. ohh I haven’t seen that one! …okay, I totally believe that Haruhi would ship the Oriemo siblings lmao

      Also oh good! I used to sing “Chimpanzee Riding On A Segway” to myself all the time, I love him!!

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