A Note to Bloggers (and to myself): You don’t have to feel sorry for needing a break

Sometimes you have to take a break from things you love. It’s just how it is. It feels weird, but it’s totally normal, and totally okay.

I’ve seen a lot of hiatus posts that are overwhelmingly apologetic, and I completely understand where they come from. I am very, very bad at letting myself take breaks, and I have a tendency to feel guilty for taking time for myself in any capacity. Which is silly, because, hello! We’re all people! We all need rest! It’s only natural. All that being said, you don’t need to tell apologize or feel bad about all that!

nichijou nap
Take some naps and come back when you’re ready!

Many of us place a lot of weight on our blogging. Irina wrote about this not too long ago in more detail, but quite a bit of emotional energy into such a seemingly relaxed hobby, and not just from the actual act of writing/finding time to write. There’s a lot of self-esteem stuff tied in – you get the rush of getting comments and likes, and that distinct sense of validation that comes with getting them. And, of course, the disappointed pang when a post you put a lot of work into ends up flopping.

Blogging also comes with a weird sense of responsibility. Most of us are here for fun, not for job/money-making purposes, so there’s not anything huge at stake, but it’s still really easy to get caught up in the need to create content. Personally, I have a goal of writing two posts a week, and while I’m almost positive no one is keeping tabs and flipping out when I don’t post my second piece at exactly 8pm on Thursday, I still feel really bummed out when I don’t make my personal deadline. So, when you reach a point in your life where you need to take a break and miss multiple posts, it does end up feeling like you’re failing in sense. But… taking a break isn’t a failure at all. In fact, it’s healthy and mature and probably the best thing you can do for your blog and for yourself!

You totally never have to apologize for taking time off, especially not from a hobby. There’s nothing worse than overexerting yourself to the point that something you once loved feels like a chore. It’s okay, we all have work and stress and other Real Life Things. Take care of those Things! No one is going to be angry with you for prioritizing yourself over keeping up with your blog. There are other aspects of life that are much harder to take breaks from (like, for example, work or your family) so by all means, take the breaks you can get! In the long run, it’ll likely improve your craft because you’ll be coming back clear-headed, refreshed, and ready to love the blogging process again.

relax bitch

That being said, I think I’m going to take a little break. Nothing too crazy, probably just a week or two to clear my head. I’ve mentioned in passing that I’ve struggled with mental health issues, and my brain was at peak shittiness during my last few years at school (this was before I started this site). Things have been much, much better since then, but I’ve felt myself slipping into some old Bad Brain habits that I want to break before I actually spiral into something worse.

One of these bad habits is placing too much weight on being “productive.”

I’m not very good at, like, feeling my feelings, so when I start to slip into a bad mindset, I automatically default to purposely overloading myself with projects and responsibilities, I do this so that I become too invested in other things to acknowledge that I’m feeling bad about Real Life Things. I always skate through and finish (most of) the things I set out for myself, but I end up overwhelmed and will beat myself up for not accomplishing everything I set out to do. It’s not a very healthy process, and then all those bottled feelings ultimately catch up to me, anyways. Escapism through writing is great and all, but that’s not really what’s happening here. It’s more like unhealthy avoidance. And I don’t want to let myself go through that funky cycle again, so I’m just going to kick back and let all those lofty goals go for now.

On a less dramatic note, I really have been wanting to write more involved things and work through some backlogs, and trying to come up with stuff to write every week while also trying to work on my bigger ~passion projects~ is frankly pretty exhausting, even aside from the Bad Brain tendencies. I totally got overly ambitious this month, and forgot that I don’t dedicate all of my free time to blogging – sometimes I go outside, too. I think taking a minute to myself will let me collect some of my thoughts and let me plan ahead, but at a more relaxed pace. Hopefully, it’ll make my stuff better in the end.

So, yeah, I’ll be taking a little break, but I’ll still exist on Twitter and will definitely still log in to read all your great posts and junk…I’ll probably still post if some crazy anime news comes out (and crazy anime news is always coming out), but it’ll be a bit more infrequent while I get some stuff in order.

I got nervous about taking time off, but then I thought about it some more and told myself all the things I generally tell other bloggers who announce they’re taking time off – it’s okay, take your time, enjoy your life, and let yourself return refreshed and ready to write again! There’s nothing to be sorry or embarrassed about, everyone understands! Enjoy your rest, and I’ll see you again soon!

i nap.gif

13 thoughts on “A Note to Bloggers (and to myself): You don’t have to feel sorry for needing a break

  1. Enjoy your time off!
    On the topic of your post itself, while what you said is true, I think most of us still feel a sense of guilt from having to abandon the people who look forward to reading our content, you know? It’s not really something we can eradicate, no matter how many reasons we give ourselves….

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    1. Thank you!
      Yeah, I think the guilt is still definitely in there for me…but then I remember that I would feel guiltier if I churned out some half-hearted garbage, so it’s like, a lesser of two guilty evils haha.

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  2. I think it’s awesome that you’re taking time off and doing what you need to do for yourself. I will admit that I’m one of those people who always feels so terrible about having to take time off. I think the stress of worrying about the analytics is something that makes me less inclined to take time off when I need to. I know it sounds silly, but when I’m blogging and engaging with people regularly, I get that strong sense of community. When I take a long period off to de-stress or just take care of life, it takes a while for that sense of community to return and feel less forgotten. This is totally and completely my own personal exp. with it! Yet, I know that taking that break will actually help me be a better and more passionate blogger.

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  3. We just recently started following each other but I have nothing but good wishes for you. 🙂 Taking a break is pretty good! When you come back to blogging, you’ll be able to create better blog posts like you said. I truly believe that a break will do that for anyone.

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  4. This really is an important one to remember. I’ve traditionally tried to give myself a break in January, with a much slower posting schedule for that month so as to allow some time out. It’s far too easy to feel guilty about taking breaks though, especially if you have gotten into a routine of posting regularly. Take as big a break as you need, rest up, and we’ll all be here when you’re back 🙂

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  5. Knowing when to take time for yourself is important! For most people here, blogging is something we do primarily for fun rather than for a job, and so if it stops being enjoyable it’s for the best to take a little time away, gather your thoughts and come back fresh.

    You’re absolutely right that it’s easy to fall into the mindset of “letting down” people who regularly read and enjoy your content, though, which is why, as you say, hiatus posts tend to be overwhelmingly apologetic. Hell, I even see people on Twitter apologising if they “miss” a weekly hashtag for reposting art they like, and that isn’t even them posting their own work!

    Take care of yourself and your brain, and we’ll look forward to seeing you again on your return!

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  6. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Of course we’ll miss you and of courser take all the time you need and don’t you dare feel guilty about it.
    When bloging starts to become more of a hassle than anything else, there’s really no point.

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  7. What you said is so true! I feel a lot of guilt if I don’t post and I’m way too strict on myself even when it comes to hobbies! This was a great reminder that it’s ok to take time for ourselves! I hope your break really helps you feel a bit better! Take as much time as you need and get in some real you time! Take good care of yourself! 😄

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  8. I agree, and can relate too. When I was more active in reviewing movies on sites like Rotten Tomatoes, and Letterboxd I never took a break. Posting something almost daily, or at least five times a week. Eventually, I got tired of it, and couldn’t brainstorm for the life in me to keep going. So I stopped because of too much life happening at once. So, I didn’t post anything anywhere for the better part of like 2, or so years before deciding I should get back posting something. Just have too much on my mind to keep to myself, for better, and worse. One good online friend told me about how he missed reading my stuff, and how I got him to do better. He eventually got himself a gig writing for a website called Cinapse, and kept doing it for his remaining days. His love for writing, and expressing himself stuck with me, and eventually I took several small steps (which took a long time, crummy job does that XD) before coming around, and posting again. Now, my biggest enemy is just good old laziness.

    Bloggers, or any kind of content maker, shouldn’t be apologetic if they need a break from what they love doing. Last thing you want is for it to feel like a hassle, or even worse burn yourself out on it. Enjoy your time off, and take care of yourself. I shall await your glorious return!

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  9. Um…I know you said that we don’t need to apologize, but I’m still going to need one from you :p

    I’m kidding (of am I? XD) Enjoy your time off and soak in that sun while you’re relaxing.

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