Our Thoughts on The Best Chunnibyou School Idol, Tsushima Yoshiko (and Her Friends!) – A Collab with Remy from the Lily Garden! [part 2]

Welcome, folks, to part 2 of the lovely Remy and I’s collab about LoveLive! Sunshine best girl, Yoshiko! Click here for part one so you’re not totally lost

Caught up? Good, good. Let’s dive back in!

yoshiko the time to descend has come.gif

Jenn: See, I think Yoshiko and Hanamaru work out, because they match in a way that reminds me of Teko and Pikari from Amanchu! They complement each other well because Pikari brings out Teko’s shyness, while Teko keeps Pikari in check. I guess Hanamaru isn’t necessarily shy, but I think Yoshiko can bring out a sort of protective side in her while at the same time pulling her out of her Book Stupors. Yoshiko is a character wilder than Hanamaru could ever find in a book, after all.

Then, of course, Hanamaru keeps Yoshiko in line by scolding her when she gets a little TOOOO Yohanne, just like we mentioned before in Yoshiko’s first big character episode. But at the same time, Hanamaru ends up making Yoshiko seem more down-to-Earth when she does goofy things like sit under a hand dryer and yell, “this is the fuuuuuture!” All that being said, I think all that makes their relationship a little more nuanced. I still love Riko & Yoshiko, of course, but the signs with Hanamaru were there all along!!

Although, since Hanamaru didn’t get as much time to shine in the anime, I guess the signs were kinda easy to miss… There’s definitely a lot more of them in the official artwork and in the game and what not…so if you’ve only seen the anime, Riko & Yoshiko are probably the more obvious choice.


Remy: These are different approaches to shipping and either is fine, I think! Still, I do think that Hanamaru was a bit shafted in the anime since she became basically a running gag as a big eater. She was able to overcome her hesitation and insecurities regarding being a school idol and shined! Hanamaru really deserved better. That’s why seeing all these juicy official images featuring her and Yoshiko is so wonderful for me, at least. She’s finally getting some much-needed love or something.

Jenn: Hanamaru truly is slept on…I admit that I kind of glossed over her when Aqours first started, but I think her interactions with Yoshiko helped her shine a little more. Just another reason why Yoshiko is Best Girl – she can really bring out the best in the other girls. :’)

Remy: It’s due to her chunnibyou nature, surely. When someone acts so over-the-top you either feel forced to react or you get swept along and join in for the ride. Hanamaru definitely belongs in the former whereas Riko became the latter. And I gotta agree with you on how her interactions with Yoshiko definitely helped out Hanamaru. Without them she would have been doomed to be just a comic relief character who eats too much, or a shy bookworm who got over her timidness off-screen, or the best friend of a girl who happens to screech like a banshee while protecting her chin like a pro boxer.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, Ruby also interacts with Yoshiko a fair amount. I’m actually rather interested in how Yoshiko and Ruby see each other. The two girls are very close with Hanamaru due to being childhood friends or best friends, but Yoshiko and Ruby initially start off as being friends of a mutual friend, right? It’s an intriguing dynamic in my opinion.Screenshot (85)In the official Love Live! Sunshine!! manga, which follows a different continuity compared to the anime series, Ruby is immediately taken with Yoshiko and basically goes on and on about how pretty the Fallen Angel is to Hanamaru. It’s almost as if Ruby started crushing on Yoshiko. And who could blame her? Again, it’s a different continuity but seeing that really gets my gears going! 

Jenn, what do you think about Ruby and her relationship with Yoshiko? The Fallen Angel sounds more and more like a slick and smooth player, really…

Jenn: Aw man, you know, I saw a risque tweet with fanart earlier that someone quoted saying Yoshiko would be the best harem protag. She would be the harem protag we all deserve…

I hadn’t read any of the manga, so I’m glad you shared that! Honestly, I never considered Yoshiko and Ruby…though I guess they do spend about the same amount of time together as her and Hanamaru. They have a really cute UR card pairing together, too…

She’s a little demon, get it? I’m crying they’re so cute…

I think I like all three of them together, actually. They have such a good dynamic. Maybe…the real ship is shipping all three of them. I know before I said that Umi x Eli was my u’s ship for a while, but honestly, I think Umi & Kotori & Honoka are all dating because I’m greedy and indecisive like that. Come to find, that big gay polyamorous ship is actually pretty popular. So like…maybe the Aquors first years are just all dating, too. I mean, look, they spent Valentine’s Day all together. Clearly, this is canon.


On a realer note about their relationship, I think Ruby would honestly fall head over heels into the world of Yohanne. If it weren’t for everyone else’s teasing, I feel like her naive little self honestly wouldn’t know it was all just a chuuni shtick. In one episode, Yoshiko (as Yohanne) says that they can fly to LoveLive! using her fallen angel wings, and Ruby is genuinely like, “oh yeah, of course, I forgot” and then catches herself and remembers that no, Yoshiko cannot teleport. And if she’s blinded by Yoshiko’s appearance like in that manga panel? Well, then she’d be snapped into demon harem-dom if no one was around to stop her…

Remy: I think that tweet is the truth. THE TRUTH, JENN. Yoshiko is the harem protagonist we needed but didn’t know we wanted.

Mmm, you’re welcome! Again, it’s a different continuity, but I still think it’s delicious. I’m not sure if you ever looked into the manga adaptation for Love Live!, but Nico is rather friendly with Maki in that continuity which is rather unlike the tension-filled bickering that happens between the two in the anime adaptation. Different, yet similar. And perhaps Ruby and Yoshiko are the same way! But I digress.

…Or I would but wow, thanks for sharing that UR card pairing! I knew all about Yoshiko’s since I follow tons of people who post Aqours fanart, but Ruby looks really natural jammin’ with Yoshiko like that.

ruby yoshiko.jpg
Aaaaand one more Ruby/Yoshiko picture for good measure…;)

Oh, I definitely understand. Maybe some people don’t struggle with this since they are more strict and stern with their ships, but I personally think there are tons of good ships in both μ’s and Aqours which makes choosing your OTP really difficult. And even if you do choose your number one pairing (or trio~), it doesn’t stop you from liking other ships. Even if the other ships would contradict your OTP. At least that’s what I think. I’m aware some people get really aggressive when it comes to ships but I’ve never understood that… People can like what they like.

AGREED 100%. If Dia or Hanamaru weren’t around, Ruby would start mimicking Yoshiko’s every move. Even Riko fell for the Fallen Angel’s charms. And no one can blame her. So no one should blame Ruby should she start talking about her previous life, either.

I guess there’s one last person we should talk about. What do you think about Mari and Yoshiko? I think the two are rather alike in some ways.

Jenn: Yeah, I feel like shipping should just be fun! No need to try to actually stick to one and fight to the death over it…especially since there are so many options. You know the folks making Love Live! content are trying to throw in a little something for everyone anyways, so there’s not a real “right answer.”

Oh boy, Yoshiko and Mari would be…powerful. Too powerful. They’re both so wild, the world would implode. I think Mari is one of the few people whose personality could actually overpower Yoshiko’s.

Of course, they are in a subunit together, so they definitely must spend a lot of time together. I feel like Mari wouldn’t really go along with her Yohanna schtick too much and just tease her.


Like she’s teasing her here, for example! You know, this is wishful thinking, and of course there’s already so much Love Live content and side stories with the anime, manga, and game already, but I reeeeally wish we got some kind of spinoff that was just about the subunits interacting. I would LOVE to see Yoshiko, Mari, and Riko in particular interacting and writing songs together. I would say they could all just be dating, too, but if Mari is doing some double teaming, it would have to be with the other seniors…

How do you feel about the two of them???

Remy: Glad we’re on the same page on ships. There are some people who claim the fact that Love Live! Sunshine!! S2 spreads the love around for several ships is a demerit, even. Perhaps if you supported Chika x Riko, sure, since that ship was toned down considerably in S2, but the ambiguity of the ships is a trademark feature of the Love Live! franchise, isn’t it?

Definitely agree with you on Mari’s STRENGTH. Mari is a woman who can match if not outmatch the Fallen Angel in terms of forcefulness and loudness of voice, which is no easy feat. And I remember this image! Everyone was so excited about the double buns. I admit that’s pretty great, but Mari topping the Chosen One so easily is also quite stimulating.

Oh, there’s a bit of that in the Drama CDs for the sub-units which come along with the sub-unit singles! I believe that in “Welcome to the Awashima Hotel ♥” (which is the drama track from AZALEA’s debut single, “Torikoriko PLEASE”) Dia and Hanamaru get into an argument that escalates into Hanamaru locking herself inside a hotel room. Dia then becomes desperate and tries to get Hanamaru to come out by ordering her, screaming at her, begging her, and even impersonating Ruby. Meanwhile Kanan sort of stands to the side, amused. It’s a wild time and I think every sub-unit has material like that.

Enough about that, though! I almost let Dia take over this post… At any rate, I think Mari and Yoshiko are two peas in a pod, more or less. They really hit things off according to the anime adaptation when they tried their hand at cooking and when they celebrated passing the preliminary rounds. I just wonder if either of them know when to stop when they’re by themselves.

mari yoshiko again
Girlfriends baking a cake to share with their five other girlfriends

(Mari could date all of them. Balancing 4 girlfriends would be easy for her. She’s that good. Just kidding! Or am I?)

Speaking of which, I think it’s about time this post continue onwards for forever! Just kidding. We’re shutting it down. There’s so much to say about Yoshiko / Yohane but we’re stopping here! Hopefully you enjoyed Jenn and I talking about our favourite school idol. Thank you all for reading. And it was really fun doing this, Jenn! Thank you for allowing this to happen!

Jenn: Thank you, Remy! I think I actually could talk about Love Live! forever, as you can see, so I’m happy to have been able to talk all about it with the Yuri King himself!! And I’m glad everyone reading came along for the ride!

Remy: Flattery will get you everything.

I hope you enjoyed Remy and I’s passionate discussion about best girl Yoshiko! We could both talk about her…literally forever, so share your Yoshiko thoughts, or any of your Love Live! thoughts with us! Thanks again to Remy for helping me do my first collab and thanks again to y’all for reading!

I bid you farewell with my favorite Yoshiko pose…!

3 thoughts on “Our Thoughts on The Best Chunnibyou School Idol, Tsushima Yoshiko (and Her Friends!) – A Collab with Remy from the Lily Garden! [part 2]

  1. I loved this collab and how it just transitioned into character ships. 😛 I myself am not much of a shipper regarding the LL series (if anything, i ship the seiyuus more than the characters lol) but I absolutely agree that they should be intended as all fun. But yeah, reading all the praise for Yohane and all these ships was definitely enjoyable 😀

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    1. I’m glad you liked it, thank you! 😀 I’m a scrub & I don’t follow the seiyuus as much as I’d like to, but I’m sure it would lead me down another slippery slope of ships…!

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