Hey, you! Yes, YOU! Your writing matters! Seriously! Thank you for being here!

Ah, things. They be quite hard, yeah? I’ve been a bit behind these past few months, due to this time of year being particularly stressful. Now that I’m working a full-time job instead of my usual part-time or seasonal gigs, I’m learning that the end of the year is a bit rough at an office! There’s a lot going on, so I don’t have the time/energy to sneak any writings during my my breaks anymore.

Still, I do want to get back into the habit of writing a little more. To be honest, I was starting to feel a little discouraged – the old jorb was getting me down, my plans for housing fell through, and I’ve been doing that whole “comparing myself to others who supposedly have it better” thing. It’s been a bummer month, to put it lightly. So, I ended up writing about how discouraged I was feeling a few weeks ago.

Me, trying to put my customer service face on every day despite my suffering

But, I gotta say, a lot of you guys dropped your own stories about feeling distressed and discouraged, and they made me feel a lot better. Less alone, I guess? So many of you are super great and talented, and to hear that many of you have felt the same way, well…it made me figure I must not be so bad. If the great bloggers and writers I know still have lingering doubts about their abilities, that probably means it’s an unavoidable feeling.

But just because we might end up feeling lackluster sometimes, it doesn’t mean we actually are, yeah?

I recently had a pal of mine tell me that he enjoyed my writings and that they made him want to write more himself. That meant so much to me. To think that this blogging thing I do could end up inspiring someone else to write…well, it’s more than I ever thought possible! Between that lovely revelation and all the people sharing their own perspectives and encouragement – it’s done a lot to reignite that writing passion in me.

So I wanted to extend a bit of a thank you to everyone who’s read anything I’ve written or taken the time to comment. I can’t believe that people are willing to read and interact with the things I write…it’s a simple thing that touches me very deeply with each new like or view.


I also wanted to let you all know that the writing you all do inspires me everyday! If you’ve ever felt discouraged, I’m here to tell you right now that there are people who admire your work that you don’t even know about. It has been such a treat to read different perspectives from each and every one of the folks I follow. I might not always have the energy/brain capacity to comment on everything I read, but I can at least tell you right now that even the silliest of listicles fills me with joy and admiration. There’s something about each bloggers’ personality that shines through, and that shine hits my very soul and makes me smile each time I log on!

It’s just so comforting to see people who get so excited about things that they want to write and share their feelings on that thing with the world. The blogosphere has something unique that I feel the “”””professional”””” world of reviews can’t quite touch.

So keep up the good work! If you find yourself in a rut like the one I was in (and might still be in a little bit, heh), just know that you’ve got fans out there. Heck, I’m probably one of them! Each unique post from a blogger reminds me of the sheer joy of writing and reading about niche subjects. There’s honestly nothing more exciting to me than seeing a bunch of people passionate about the things they enjoy (or don’t enjoy, in some cases).

Even if you think that whatever you’re writing about doesn’t matter, I’m here to tell you right now that it does. Even if your post doesn’t perform well, there’s always the chance that one person read it and thought it was amazing. That post could even lead to someone clicking the follow button. Heck, that post could even be the post that makes someone else want to sit down and write themselves!

So thank you again for being part of this beautiful community of writers and readers. Believe me, what you do matters! Be proud of your work, and keep pushing forward! 🙂

And hopefully, my brain will stop being mush and I’ll be able to write and read more often soon. ❤


18 thoughts on “Hey, you! Yes, YOU! Your writing matters! Seriously! Thank you for being here!

  1. Reading this post certainly brightened up my cold and soggy morning a little bit, so thanks for writing it! As I’ve definitely said before, I’m a big fan of your writing, and I’m definitely not alone when it comes to that. Walk on, girl~~

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  2. That was very encouraging and I’m glad you were encouraged on WordPress. I’ve been dealing with a bunch of anxiety recently which froze me up from time to time (and not posting as much stuff besides weekly reviews and promos for my upcoming cell phone novels), so I really have to post more content about how I’m doing, opinion pieces, etc. I’m glad you feel better and are optimistic about people writing.

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    1. I’m glad it was encouraging!! It’s so easy to get anxious about putting out content, and I end up falling behind and not posting as much as I want pretty often…I end up getting so caught up planning big articles that I don’t end up actually writing them! But at the end of the day, even “fluff” pieces can end up impacting other people and feeling good to write. I’d be excited to read personal update and opinion type stuff from you! 😀

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      1. Very much so. I’ve been feeling anxious over the past few weeks and I’m trying to get over a lot of it.

        Thank you. I’ve written a few on the Ospreyshire page, but I could use some more on there and the other blogs.

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