Welcome (Back) To Hell Zone!

Hi! I’m back, potentially, hopefully, possibly, maybe. It’s been a rough few months. Have I mentioned that in every single blog post I’ve made in the past few months? Probably.

Stuff has just been sucking. I haven’t really felt motivated to do…anything. The depression is here in full force, and even though I’ve wanted to write and wanted draw or study or do literally anything, I just haven’t been able to. There’s been some severe executive dysfunction lately. Like, I’ll get home from work and I won’t even have the energy to dedicate to watching anime or playing a video game. I just flip through things on my phone for hours until I fall asleep.

sailor moon sleep

And speaking of sleeping, wow, I have been sleeping A LOT. I’ve gotten used to my job for the most part, but it’s still really exhausting. I mean, it doesn’t feel like it should be exhausting since all I do is sit around and type, but it is exhausting. It’s 40 hours a week where I can’t really be Myself – I’m but a drone running pricing analysis and sales reports that I truly do not care about. Factor in the hour-long commute (both ways, so two hours total!), and that’s 50 hours a week where I barely exist. And if I have to go grocery shopping at some point in all that? Well. Then I’m beat. I will have used up all my spoons by the time I’ve gotten home, and it doesn’t matter if it’s 6pm or 9pm – I’m ready to go to sleep.

My one-year anniversary of this blog is coming up, and thinking about how little I’ve posted recently really bums me out. I feel like I’m doing the year-ago me a disservice – I mean, she was cranking out posts at least once a week! I’ve barely done a post a month, and not only have I barely written, I’ve also barely written about anime at all – all my past few posts have been rambles about the literal act of blogging, or rambles about how I hope to start blogging more soon.

Of course, this post is kind of a bit of both, so I’m not exactly kicking off in the way I want here…

yoshiko love live aaaaaugh.jpg
Auuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh, blogging is hard!

I have been stopping in to read all of y’alls posts every now and then, though certainly not as often as I would like to. It’s always inspiring to see what sorts of things are being put out into the blog-o-sphere, but my readings are bittersweet – it entertains me and make me happy as I read, but then I immediately end up thinking to myself, “geez, I wish I was putting out this kind of content.” I read good posts, I get sad I’m not writing good posts, then I don’t write a post at all, I continue being sad, lather, rinse, repeat.

Part of the lack of motivation, too, is because my stats have been really low. There’s been a lot less reader interaction because…well, duh, there hasn’t been anything on my website for anyone to read! Writing, though I really enjoy it, is really only half the fun of the blog – the other half is talking to people. And if I’m not putting out stuff that can spark a conversation, then I’m not having fun. And if I’m not having fun, I don’t want to do it.

…but then I feel bad for not posting anything?? It’s a wild cycle! After all, blogging is supposed to be fun, so why would I do it if I’m not having fun 100% of the time? That’s been my conundrum lately, on top of my general sleepiness and exhaustion.

Well, luckily, Irina made a post on this very topic that helped me make a little more sense of these conflicting feelings. At the end of the day, even though the act of writing can be exhausting and might not always be fun in and of itself, the real joy comes from being able to point at your blog post and say, “Hey! I did a thing!”

And that’s what my sad and tired brain really needs – some sense of accomplishment, even if it’s from a short ramble-y post.

my brain trembles.gif
…trembles with ACCOMPLISHMENT, that is!

So far, I’ve forced myself to write this and that anime one-liners post. Not much, sure, but it’s a good enough start for now! I know it’s not time for New Year’s resolutions just yet, but maybe I could do a “New Blog Year” resolution? My blog-o-versary is Nov. 28th, so I still have some time to prepare…anyways, in an attempt to hold myself accountable, here are some posts that I hope to whip up soon:

  • Why Everyone Should Watch Naoki Urasawa’s Monster
  • Some Kind of Listicle Thing About The Different Musical Genres In Cowboy Bebop (obviously not an exact title there, lmao)
  • Freestyle Rapping in Anime
  • Morality and Death in Trigun (cuz I just finished the series and I took down A LOTTA NOTES!)
  • Eventually I’ll Catch Up On Bloom Into You and write something flowery about it because I’m gay and in love with it (also not an actual post title lmao)

And, while I’m at it, here’s a bunch of stuff that I’m probably not going to do anytime soon, but they’re things I’ve wanted to do for a long time that I don’t want to forget about. Maybe if I put them down in list form I can will them into existence?

  • Submit writings to other websites/zines/whatever
  • Attempt all those photography projects I had ideas for
  • Attempt all those video projects I had ideas for (including making goofy AMVs just 4 fun)
  • Attempt all the art projects in general that I have outlined and just GIVE THEM A SHOT even if they turn out bad
  • Eventually get my shit together and make a website to showcase all those projects (if I ever do them lol)

I don’t want to overwhelm myself with concepts and ideas and stuff, but at the very least, I want to get back into the groove with this blog. If I put together a backlog and can post weekly posts again (bi-weekly, preferably, but I don’t wanna overload myself!), then maybe the juices will get flowing and I’ll be able to pump out the other stuff I want to pump out.

It’ll be a bit of a rough start, and I’m still feeling pretty down, but I think that FINALLY setting some loose goals for myself will actually help me pull myself out of this funk. Plus, I have to keep telling myself that things will get better soon – I have better insurance now so I can actually get on some anti-depressants (can I get a big YEEHAW for that??????????!), I’m saving up money and have a clearer plan for next year to move out/have my own comfy space, and work will be slowing down soon so I should be less dead when I get home.

As always, thanks for reading along, guys. I might not have been posting/commenting much, but I haven’t forgotten y’all. I’ve still written a good 81(!) posts this year, and I wouldn’t have done that without encouragement and interaction. You make me feel like my voice is worth hearing 😀


yoshiko bring it.gif

15 thoughts on “Welcome (Back) To Hell Zone!

  1. I know how that feels, the 1 hr + commute each way. I liked having time alone in the car, but hated not having any free time outside of work. Best of luck in getting the ball rolling on what you’d like to do!

    Also, if you’d like some extra motivation / ideas for posts, I’ve got a few collab ideas if you are interested… 🙂

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    1. Yeah, it’s a bit tough. At least I can sing in the car and release some energy, though…

      also ooooooooooooooh YES I would be. I’ve only ever done one collab before, and I’ve been wanting to get back in the collab game tbh

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  2. I was kinda shocked to see your blogiversary (don’t know if that’s the right word for a blog’s “birthday”, but it’s the word I use) is November 28th, because the Spellbook’s is the 21st.

    If you’re gonna talk about rapping in anime, I’d like to suggest Hypnosis Mic. Certainly, it’s quite “manufactured” as part of a multimedia series trying to tell a story through its songs, but it would make a nice counterpoint to whatever you have in mind. Also Classicaloid, because you just can’t pass up rapping Schubert…and I think there are some characters in it which are very much your kind of thing.

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    1. NICE!!! Happy soon-to-be blog birthday to you, too, then 😀 For some reason, I assumed you had been around for, like, years as a seasoned vet, so I’m surprised to see it’s your first, too.

      and I will have to check those out! I never heard of Hypnosis Mic, and I had been meaning to check out Classicaloid but just never got around to it…hearing that Schubert raps definitely makes me want to watch it even more!


      1. It’s only the first in terms of this WordPress blog (I was a WordPress lurker before I was a blogger + I had a WordPress blog for a different purpose for about a month before the Spellbook). If we’re talking overall blogging experience…if I’m calculating right, I should be on my 7th year.

        Hypnosis Mic is pretty new (*Googles* it started Sep. 2017), but I expect it’ll get an anime after a few years.


  3. Jobs are reliable for draining out your energy. My commute to work isn’t bad, but my higher ups make up for it by making me work 7 days a week. The difficulty of adulting. Hope you get your writing grove back soon.

    I shall be looking forward to that Trigun post. I like that series a lot it’ll be great seeing a post about it take on morality. You also written some other posts to be proud of. First ones that comes to my mind is that Perfect Blue analysis, and what you should doing in a reviewing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SHEESH seven days a week?? I used to have a schedule like that, but it was between two jobs.

      And I’m excited to write about it, I hope I do it justice, haha. And thank you 🙂 That means a lot to me actually

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  4. I understand what it’s like to struggle with doing things that bring you joy, especially when you’re depressed. My whole year has been a giant ball of just that: depression, anxiety,no motivation. It’s been difficult. I’m glad you’re back. Just take your time and do what feels most comfortable for you. I’m rooting for you and always look forward to hearing from you. 💜💜 wishing you the best.

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  5. Ahh miss Jenn your posts sound so much like full of energy and enthusiasm like mine. I’m sorry to hear you have been lacking in motivation and overworked. It’s good to have loose goals to get the brain going. I say schedule shit in advance wayyyyy in advance then you can be like me and stop feeling bad of your blog going dead which is what I’m doing to do right now ahaha lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha yeah I’m trying to build up an ULTIMATE BACKLOG so that I can have as many lazy days as I want…so far I just have a bunch of stuff outlined so it’s still half lazy but it’s a start lmao!


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