This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 2: All Hail Our Sleepy President King

this art club has a problem president

It’s time for another episode of Yomu’s This Art Club Has A Problem collab! If you haven’t checked it out yet, follow that link and join in on the fun. Basically, participants are watching this 2016 series together and blogging each episode based on a list of themes Yomu comes up with. Don’t worry about joining late – I’m always running a week behind, and they still let me in on the fun 😉

This week, the theme I’ve chosen is The President’s Energy Usage.

Screenshot (723).png

In these winter months, energy usage is always on my mind. Should I keep the heater on and run up the energy bill? Do I want to put in the energy to get up early and make coffee for the morning? Do I have the energy to write a meaty, analytical blog post this week?

The answer to all these questions are: no! Which is why I admire the art club’s president. He understands that energy conservation is essential to winter living. Sure, this episode doesn’t take place during winter at all, but hey – it’s winter and cold in my bedroom where I’m streaming his show soooooo, close enough!

President understands that less is more. In fact, one could even argue that his reservation of physical energy may actually make more room for his mental energy. President may even be, dare I say it…a genius.

this art club has a problem DEATH presidentTake our first President encounter. When Subaru knocks over Mizuki’s painting and asks President for help, President takes the laziest approach possible – he throws himself onto the ground to cover up the painting instead of actually getting up and hiding it behind the couch or something.konobi this art club has a problem


But wait! This is actually a brilliant scheme! He disguises himself as a corpse, thus distracting from the ruined painting. Our noble hero even sacrifices his bladder to uphold the ruse.

this art club has a problem

Since President is so well-rested, his mind remains sharp. Because of this, he quickly notices that Mizuki has a crush on Subaru. His eyes may not be open, but his sense for love is keen.

konosubi president pedophile

In fact, his love sense is so strong that he realizes that Subaru might have some twisted desires. Asking someone if they are a pedophile is nerve-wracking, and any normal person would have to work up the courage to ask someone such a question. President, on the other hand, has reserved all his energy on that couch, and thus he can fire on all cylinders to ask the hard-hitting questions that need to be asked.

Of course, his prediction about Subaru did end up being completely wrong…and his murder cover-up completely back-fires…and, now that I think about it, maybe it doesn’t take a genius to see that Mizuki is in love with Subaru…

Okay, maybe President is just lazy. It must be hereditary. His parents were so lazy that they didn’t even give him a real name, after all. Look, he can’t even be bothered to hold up two tree branches to encourage his buddy.

this art club has a problem
Too lazy to even open his mouth!

As for my mini-episode review, this episode honestly didn’t sell me as much as the last week’s did. It makes sense, since most series (especially comedies) tend to jam a lot of different themes and pretty scenery into episode one to grab the attention of viewers and get them hooked for round two.

Being a big ol’ pretentious dork, I tend to look for interesting shot composition and clever directing even when I’m watching light comedy anime. This episode didn’t have much for me to go into Film School Mode for, but I do want to commend series director Kei Oikawa for really selling that last joke. The clever misdirection (led by Our King President himself) really had me holding my breath as I waited to see if Subaru was going to be revealed as a pedophile. It was an incredibly ballsy move, because if they had played the sexual predator gag for too long or left the joke open-ended, a lot of viewers likely would have bailed. It actually scared me for a second, because I know the anime realm throws casual pedophilia around every once in a while, and that is not something I would have stuck around for. But, luckily we’re safe-ish. Subaru’s still a creep, just a more socially acceptable one.

screenshot (732)

This is still a pretty enjoyable anime to settle in for after work, so I’m looking forward to checking an episode out next week, too. Stay tuned for more, and don’t forget to check out the other episode 2 collaborations listed on Yomu’s page!

7 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! Episode 2: All Hail Our Sleepy President King

  1. I’m still leaning towards President being a genius. Just you wait, one of these episodes will reveal the masterpiece that he created that caused him to retire early on in his career as an artist. I’m sure that will tell us all we need to know.

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