This Art Club Has A Problem!: Presidential Praise Lightning Round!! (Episodes 3/4/5)

Well, well, well. I’ve been shirking my blogging duties once again. First, it was for a Good Reason – I was quite sick for a while. But that only forgives me for one week. This week, the thing that was eating my writing time up was a little thing called Kingdom Hearts 3. I got it for my birthday, and it’s been so insanely entertaining that I haven’t been able to break myself away from it.

I’m sure you’ve been wondering – how the heck is this lazy bench going to catch up on Yomu’s collab project???! Well, have no fear! The lightning round is here! I’m covering all three episodes in one post, bay-beeeeeeeeeee!

Pretty impressive, yeah? Okay, so I’m not doing three different themes. I’m cheating and just doing one theme for all three: Shower President With Praise. Which is double cheating, actually, because I’ve already praised President before…but listen. He’s so good. He deserves my undivided attention for four episodes straight. Without further ado, let us hail Our King.


Episode three is severely lacking in President content, but I still managed to snap some choice screenshots of His Highness. For starters, I must bestow the highest compliments to His practical yet stylish footwear. This is the first time I’ve ever noticed President’s sandals, and I found myself wishing they were Crocs on His feet instead…it would be fitting.

Screenshot (737)
Look at how tan His feet are!

President is showered with praise by Collette in this episode, but she does it somewhat sarcastically. Everyone is impressed that He’s managed to stay awake for an entire club session. He’s offended by this, which is why it is my duty, as a humble disciple and follower, to bask in His glory and offer true praise through this collage.

In episode four, we see the President’s brilliance a little more. When the new club advisor comes in, she fails to realize His power. But thankfully, we the viewers know better than to underestimate Him.

Screenshot (747).png

In order to pull off the club’s surprise for Tachibana-sensei, President is tasked with staying awake and chatting her up. He is integral to their plan’s success. This episode shows President’s dedication to the club – look at Him, selflessly giving up precious naptime and using His powerful energy to help these mortals!

Screenshot (749).png

“Those two” clearly don’t understand that President MUST nap to reserve his power, lest He unleash too much of it and accidentally cause an art apocalypse!

And now, finally, we have come to episode five. Phew, I’m almost out of breath from this speed watch-a-long! (I’m trying not to think about the fact that I’m technically still behind since by now, Yomu’s probably on to the episode six prompts…)

Screenshot (751).png

In this episode, we see more of Presidents’ brilliant facial expressions. When He walks in on His inferior mortal clubmates seemingly kissing, He gives us pure comedic gold.

Perhaps Our King’s shining moment is when He orchestrates this giant pool mural. What an innovative idea! He benevolently gives His subordinates a chance to show their skills.

Screenshot (759)

Sure, President “accidentally” bought oil paint that won’t wash off of the pool, but I think He knew what He was doing. President is an infallible god, after all! Most likely, He was so confident in His otherworldly skills (and the skills of his subordinates) that He purposefully made the painting permanent. Since He tries to be a humble deity, He stages it as an accident.

It’s also worth mentioning that President can speak bird fluently. Makes sense, since He probably invented birds!


After spending three episodes praising President, it feels as though my life has become exponentially better. The clouds have parted, and gold is trickling into my apartment as we speak. Presenting this blog offering to Our King must have led to me receiving unending riches and happiness! It has also secured my spot in the Kingdom of Heaven, aka Tsukimori Middle School’s art club. All hail President!!

(I seemed to have gotten a bit carried away there. Is this blog post considered sacrilege? I hope this blasphemy doesn’t undo my baptism…)

If you’ve missed the other collab posts I did, check them out here:

And don’t forget to look at Yomu’s blog to see everyone else’s posts – posts which I will now be catching up on in a lightning round fashion, as well. If you want, you can even hop in and join the fun! See ya next week! If I haven’t melted into my couch from playing KH3 non-stop, that is…



5 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem!: Presidential Praise Lightning Round!! (Episodes 3/4/5)

  1. Haha, I too was very impressed with how well President managed to hold a conversation and distract Tachibana-sensei with ease.
    I’m sure you are exhausted after all that hard work.
    I definintely didn’t add a President theme for episode 6 just for you or anything…!


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