This Art Club Has A Problem!: King of Mullets, Mullet of Kings (Episode 6)

Here we are once again, my fellow President worshipers. For episode six, I’ll be focusing on President’s Hair. I’m not sure how I became so dedicated to covering the President for Yomu’s collab post series, but here I am. If you want to see some non-President centered posts, check out that link – it’ll show you other folks’ blog posts, and will even give you info on how to join in on the collab fun!

Also, just want to say that I’m really angry that worshipers isn’t spelled with two p‘s, according to the red squiggle that keeps appearing when I try to spell it worshippers. Anyways, on with the episode!

For starters, please forgive these standard definition screencaps. I know Our King deserves HD, but my boyfriend is playing Smash online, so I’m trying not to hog the Wi-Fi and throw him into Lag Hell. As much as I adore President, I have to pay respects to my favorite 3D man first!

president mullet

Look at those illustrious locks. Such length, such poise. President’s hair is surprisingly elegant. You would think that laying on pillows all day would flatten those elegant curls, but somehow they remain bouncy.

In fact, there’s almost no way that the lazy President does his hair every day, right? He probably just rolls out of bed and naturally achieves this perfect mullet. When I roll out of bed, my hair floofs in the back, but not in this majestic way. It floofs in more of an, “I just got electrocuted” way.

president praise mullet sleep

Look at it drape over his shoulder. It looks so great even when he’s sleeping. Maybe sleeping on the side like that is the secret to those curls remaining in the back? Still, I’d expect him to at least have an alfalfa or a cowlick…I wonder what shampoo he uses?

Screenshot (760)

Speaking of hair, check out those eyebrow hairs. He has a nice set of brows, he does! It’s a shame this isn’t a current seasonal, because I would put him on my Top 10 eyebrow countdowns, for sure. They’re thick and illustrious and just as worthy of praise as his mullet.

this art club has a problempresident pillow this art club has a problem episode 6

Aside from having magnificent hair, President is also shown to be a merciful god president in this episode. Despite Uchimaki and Mizuki ruining his expensive pillow (made in France!), President still takes time to smile and values their happiness over his precious sleep. Personally, if one of my friends had a silly spat and ruined something of mine that cost fifty cents, I’d be pretty pissed at them!! President is stronger than I.

However, President still knows that a punishment is due, so he decides to buy a new pillow with club funds. We respect Our Frugal King.


Not to take away from President praise, but I would like to take a moment to appreciate the hair in this screencap. The teacher is rocking the same spiked hairdo as my middle school crush, and I extremely appreciate Transfer Students’ buns (…her hair buns, I mean, not those other buns).

Oh shoot, can you believe I’m a week behind on this collab again? It’s just the way things are, I suppose. Luckily, Yomu is just as forgiving as President, and will let you join the collab even if you’re late to the party! So be sure to look at their theme post and join in on the fun. You can also check out my past collab posts:

Until next week…!

Screenshot (743)

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