This Art Club Has A Problem! -Usami kind of sucks, huh? (Episode 7)

this art club has a problem usami

I know, I know. It’s shocking that I’m not covering President this time around. But there’s something I’ve wanted to bring up for a while – Usami sucks. She’s irrational, she’s too angry, and half her problems would be solved if she just spoke about her feelings for once! Sure, it’s hard to admit you like a boy, but come on. You’re not fooling anyone, girl, stop beating up your crush and stealing his soft drinks and just TALK TO HIM!!

That being said, the theme I’m choosing is Usami angry moments. It’ll give me a chance to expose her for the Worst Girl she is by picking apart her angry outbursts. I’m glad that this episode theme list has a lot of potential for Usami bashing – Jon Spencer Reviews picked Usami vs Imari for his theme, and I’m sure he’ll spend an ample amount of time dunking on Usami, too.

I picked the theme and wrote this intro before I even watched the episode, so let’s hope Usami still stucks and gets pissed off a bunch so that I can rip her character to shreds!


We begin this episode with the usual Usami angry content – her getting mad because Subaru is talking about his waifus. Girl, if you hate his anime fan talk so much, get you a crush on a better man!! Her attraction to him is so strange…if you’re that repulsed by the guy’s hobbies and interests, how much can you possibly like him? I’m rooting for their love in the end, but I believe that her constant angry outbursts at any mention of his interests would ultimately lead to a doomed relationship…

Screenshot (782).png
This must be that Demon Seal that Yomu mentioned…

Oh, but maybe I’ve trashed Usami too soon. Her next angry outburst is actually quite admirable – she defends Subaru’s honor after some rando starts mocking Subaru’s artwork. Perhaps she values his artistic ambitions after all? I’m glad she believes in him, but it’s upsetting that it takes this much for her to actually show it. Show Subaru support sooner, you jerk! Cheer him on always, not just when you’re in a fiery rage!

Part of me wonders if she really got angry for Subaru or if her ego was just bruised after someone mocked her crush. It could be more of a selfish anger – no one wants to be told that someone or something they like is bad. Whether she was being selfish or not, though, I think her rage is reasonable this time around. Who does this fool think he is? It’s insanely rude to go up to two people you’ve never even met and start mocking their work, especially before you’ve even been given a name in the show!!

However, I don’t think that Dove-san deserves to be abused in the process. Usami clearly does not respect the things around her when she gets into these blind rages – remember when she ruined President’s pillows over some silly one-sided spat with Subaru? Rude!

this art club has a problem episode 7

The next day, Usami takes time out of her busy schedule of sitting at home and thinking about Subaru to help Subaru beat whats-his-name in the art show.

Sidebar: how many art shows does this school have? They literally just had one a few episodes ago. And the art show’s display is super big. They have fancy nameplates and frames and everything. Kind of weird that the school goes this hardcore for art, but they can’t manage to get more than four people in their art club…


Anyways, we see Usami snap again because she’s mad that Subaru was looking at her panties. Now, in normal circumstances, I would agree that this is something worth getting mad about. BUT, Usami’s dumbass was sitting there blatantly flashing him while she daydreamed. Girl. GIRL! He’s trying to draw your dress, if you’re sitting there with your coochie on display, he’s going to notice!! I’m sorry, but I just can’t justify this outburst.

Then there’s the second half of the episode, where Usami commits the biggest sin: she yells at Collette. Yes, the Worst Girl had the audacity to yell at undeniable Best Girl, Collette. Collette struggles to properly fill out a school survey, and Usami mocks her for putting down that she wants to become a “Hero of Justice.” Like, Usami, check yourself, girly. You’re in no position to taunt Collette when you wrote “wife” down as your dream occupation.


She also yells at President after he asks her a perfectly reasonable question. All he wanted to know is what she wrote on her paper, and she started waving her fists around. Usami is embarrassed that she wrote “wife,” but come on! Don’t take your shame and anger out on Our King President! Lastly, Usami gets angry at Collette after she makes Collette cry. HOW ARE YOU GONNA GET MAD AT SOMEONE AFTER YOU HURT THEIR FEELINGS??? For shame, Usami. It’s a wonder these people stay friends with you after all this!

I really hope Usami grows up a little bit by the end of the series. Let’s see some character development, baby! I’m sure she’ll become more secure in her own feelings for Subaru by the end, but sheesh, I hope someone slaps some sense in her and tells her that she can’t just yell at everyone all the time. Maybe she’ll give a good apology to everyone for her constant outbursts??

That’s it for this week, folks. Let me end with a haiku critique about Subaru’s artwork:

A charming drawing,

but you did not need to draw

this girl in panties.

Surely that’s what the poetry masters wanted the haiku format to be used for, yeah? Anyways, be sure to look at Yomu’s master theme post for episode seven, and join in on the collab if you want! Lastly, check out my other This Art Club Has A Problem posts!


5 thoughts on “This Art Club Has A Problem! -Usami kind of sucks, huh? (Episode 7)

  1. Usami is really a mixed bag. Cute sometimes, but insufferable sometimes.
    To be fair, wife technically CAN be a full time gig right? Assuming Usami wants kids… although I guess it’s not a “career”.
    Also, great poem!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like wife would be a decent enough answer if she had stuck to her guns! If that’s what you want, Usami, then tell the world proud, don’t yell at your friends! haha. And thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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