This Art Club Has A Problem! – A Garbage Boy Double-Feature! (Episodes 8/9)

this art club has a problem

Ah, the This Art Club Has A Problem collab sure is moving along fast, huh? We’re already up to episode 9 of 12! And by “we,” I mean “me,” because I’m behind on the collab! 😉

Episode 7’s post was dedicated trashing Usami, but this week, it’s going to be a Subaru dissing double feature! Since I didn’t post the episode 8 entry last week, I’m packing it into this post and pretending Subaru doesn’t exist. Then, for episode 9, it’ll be a round of what did Subaru do wrong this time?Since I’m combining two episodes, though, I’m only going to do one half of each episode. There’s usually two skits, and I figure covering an overall total of five skits might be a little overwhelming.

Anyways, enough talk. Let’s dive in and let the mockery of the Supreme Garbage Boy commence!


They say that you don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone, right? I wonder if I’ll miss Subaru if I erase him from an entire episode, or if him being gone will actually make for a more interesting plot. Let’s see how episode 8 goes. Will I find a newfound appreciation for Subaru, or will I want to pretend he doesn’t exist for the rest of the series??

First, we have part one of episode 8, “Secret Room.” Colette, Usami, and President are all hanging out in the art club room. For some reason, there’s also a floating anime girl figurine hanging out, too.

where is subaru
Yup, just a floating anime figurine, definitely don’t see anyone holding it.

Usami decides that she can’t concentrate with Bob the statue staring at her, and decides to go find another plaster statue. President suggests that she go into the storage room, but warns her that no one’s been in there for quite some time.

Usami heads on over, and uses her telepathic powers to open the door without even laying a finger on it. Then she even calls the doorway a wimp! Hmm, this must be one of those sealed powers that Yomu mentioned before.

A completely unaltered and extremely real screenshot.

President checks in and reminds Usami to lock up, then shuts the door behind him. Usami tries to open it with her bare hands this time – has she forgotten her telepathic powers already? Weird. She stares at the door a while, and then she starts blushing and yelling a bunch in this empty room. It’s a little uncomfortable, actually. Her teen hormones are running a little too wild. Someone better come save her, soon…

Screenshot (799)

OH, thank goodness. Someone else is here. It’s the floating anime girl! She’ll save the day! Usami finds out that her eyes light up, and after flashing her eyes a few times, she remembers her telepathic powers. Instead of using it on the first door, though, she uses her powers to effortlessly move an entire shelf out of the way and get back to the art room. Amazing! Then she blushes a bunch again. Don’t know why, though. There’s definitely not any boys around.


Oh, great, Subaru’s back! He’s back just in time for me to point out all his flaws! What crime against humanity is he committing in episode 9? Will he be lusting after an underage anime girl? Snapping pictures of his classmate’s panties? Or will he be wholesome and pure for once, leaving me with nothing to write about?

Since I wrote about the first half of episode 8, I’ll focus on the second half of episode 9 for my Subaru diss’age. Probably a good choice, actually, since Subaru was surprisingly not that gross in part one. President was the main one sinning…trying to peep at that 3D girl porn. Plus, I was too busy focusing on all the Colette and Imari goodness to even pay attention to Subaru.


He did screw up big time when he dropped the porn, but I guess that was more Colette’s fault, right? Meanwhile, in “The Challenger Returns,” Subaru is back to being a garbage can. Yay, just the way I like him!

First of all, he makes the mistake of running into his “rival,” who is the worst. Shame on Subaru for making us suffer through him again. He should have taken a different route and spared us!

As soon as we see Usami being used as a model, we know something scandalous will happen. Will Subaru draw filth once again? Will he peep at her panties???

It’s filth!

For a second, I thought Subaru was actually going to draw Usami properly, but no. He did the filth thing. He even drew Usami’s panties, even though he couldn’t see them. For someone who has no interest in 3D girls, he sure does think about a certain 3D girl’s undies a lot…maybe this is a good sign for Usami?

Oh, this episode has a lot of skits this time around. “Moe Stroll” doesn’t give me much to work with in the Subaru department, but it does give me some good President content. All hail our King!

Screenshot (808)

Hmm, maybe that’s something else Subaru does wrong – he doesn’t have a mullet. His power would surely increase tenfold if he copped President’s hairstyle. Take notes, trash boy!

That was a pretty good grouping of episodes. Episode 8 made me want to root for Subaru and Usami a little bit more, and episode 9 saw a lot of those earlier jokes and references coming together. This really is quite a cute show! I’m glad this collab has forced me to watch it slowly instead of binge-watching like I do with most anime. It makes it a nice, relaxing after-work treat that I can keep coming back to.

Anyways, check out my other collab posts, and don’t forget to peep Yomu’s page for all the other collab posts!

Screenshot (790)

4 thoughts on “ This Art Club Has A Problem! – A Garbage Boy Double-Feature! (Episodes 8/9)

  1. Lmao! Too funny.
    I guess Usami was just thinking dirty thoughts in that closet, all alone.

    Also I’m pretty sure no one in the collab actually likes Subaru. I know I’m not a Subaru fan, at least. But everyone knows I’m on team Collette.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That makes sense lmao, I don’t really care about Subaru that much, tbh. He’s just kinda there. Collette is the Queen, but I wish we got more Imari because she is also very good…!

      Liked by 1 person

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