Hiya! I’m Jenn. I’m 25 and I’m bi and I like weird anime, old point and click games, and horror movies.

I initially started this blog because, well, no one I know in real life wants to hear my musings on dating sims or 90s hentai OVAs I “accidentally” watch, so I made this. It’s a nice de-stresser. I don’t sleep much, so I spend a lot of time getting into weird anime nonsense late at night. Hopefully, someone else finds some of my words and finds they have some words of their own.

Essentially, though, I just want a place to dump my anime thoughts and knowledge, and a place where I can see other people’s anime thoughts and knowledge dumps. I hope you’ll join me on my anime hobby adventure! 🙂

Check out my YouTube, too! Jenn’s Hell Zone