Top 10 Best Anime Eyebrows of Winter 2019: The Thick Brows That Warmed Us

YOU ALREADY KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS, FOLKS! That’s right, it’s about a week after the end of the last anime season, which means it’s time for my to put on my Eyebrow Assessment Monocle and distribute the coveted award of Best Anime Eyebrow.

my hero academia hot girl monocle.png
A+ monocle, but C- eyebrows.

Believe it or not, I actually followed a lot of series through this season. I was BIG into Boogiepop and The Promised Neverland in particular, and of course Mob Psycho 100. If I were a better blogger, I would write a review of those series, but alas. I only review eyebrows here, not entire anime series.

Now, infamously, I write these Top 10 lists without having actually seen any of the season’s offerings. This time, I actually watched, but somehow that made this list HARDER to write. I was busy paying attention to insignificant things like a character’s pErSoNaLiTy and bEhAvIoR. But no worries, I have now adjusted the monocle and am ready to list.

May the Queen of Anime Eyebrows guide us through this list…

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“Doing the Thing” is pretty hard to do (but you’ll get there, bud)

Have you ever watched an interview where someone asks an actor/artist/writer/creator/whatever what their advice for other aspiring whatevers is, and their response is: “Just Do the Thing!”

This is not very good advice. Obviously, there were some extra steps that made that whoever whatever they are. It seems almost insulting to hear their success reduced to such a simple statement. It sounds like, “it’s easy, I did it, so just get off your lazy ass and Do, dummy!”

Yeah, I get the idea behind the advice –  don’t be afraid to fail, the first step is the most important step, everyone has to start somewhere, don’t let fear hold you back, blah blah blah. But starting is very, very hard.

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This Art Club Has A Problem!: King of Mullets, Mullet of Kings (Episode 6)

Here we are once again, my fellow President worshipers. For episode six, I’ll be focusing on President’s Hair. I’m not sure how I became so dedicated to covering the President for Yomu’s collab post series, but here I am. If you want to see some non-President centered posts, check out that link – it’ll show you other folks’ blog posts, and will even give you info on how to join in on the collab fun!

Also, just want to say that I’m really angry that worshipers isn’t spelled with two p‘s, according to the red squiggle that keeps appearing when I try to spell it worshippers. Anyways, on with the episode!

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Happy First Blog-A-Versary, BAYBEEEEE!!!

Today’s the big day, folks! It’s Welcome To Hell Zone’s birthday! I’m really proud that I’ve maintained my little slice of the web for a year. I might not have maintained it consistently…but I’m still proud!

I should be doing something mega-special, right? Well, honestly, me resurrecting my blog from the depths of depression hell is probably the biggest tribute I can give. I’ve been slacking lately, but I’m back, baybeeeeeeeeeeee!

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Bloggin’ on Blogging: What Should We Be Reviewing In A Review?

I don’t usually write series reviews. I’ll write about a series or do a quick first impression post or something like that, but I haven’t done many full reviews. Part of that is because, well…I don’t finish that many series. If I’m not hooked, I’ll drop it pretty quickly. When I do finish a series, I’m usually not that compelled to write about them.

Another reason I don’t write a lot of reviews is because they can feel really stale. At least, when I write them, they do. It’s hard to write about a series objectively, and I usually get bogged down by boring technical nonsense.

lucky star homework
Reviews can feel like homework! Booooo

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The Bisexual Dystopia of Shin Sekai Yori: or, how an evil anime government tried to make all the kids gay

It’s pride month, so for the whole month of June I’m writing about LGBTQ+ representation in anime and manga! Yay for gay anime!

Okay, so what if I told you there was an absolutely brilliant dystopian anime that featured not one, not two, but FOUR canon bisexuals? Drum roll pleeeeeeeease…

It’s Shinsekai Yori, or From the New World! Not only is this one of the best anime dystopian thrillers I’ve ever seen, but four out of five of its main characters are bi. Not just implied, either…there are same-sex kisses shared on-screen by both the male and female characters. They date each other. They explicitly say that they are attracted to one another. There is no denying their bi-ness.

Or maybe pan-ness? I’m biased, so I’m gonna go with bi-ness.

However, the way the characters’ sexuality is woven into the story is a little odd. They’re not just bi characters who happen to be bi – it’s actually a plot device that ties in with the dystopian setting. Continue reading “The Bisexual Dystopia of Shin Sekai Yori: or, how an evil anime government tried to make all the kids gay”

A lil update – I got a job and now I’m tired!!!

Man, I was going pretty hard writing posts for this blog back when I was only working part-time! I was high off the New Year and was really committed to writing/drawing/studying/etc. I had a lot of free time before…but unfortunately no money. The Struggle. So, I ended up applying to a bunch of full-time jobs, and I got the one I really wanted! Which is great, because now, I’ll have money………………but NO TIME TO DO ANYTHING EVER AGAIN!!

I haven’t really gotten acclimated to this new schedule of mine just yet. I have an hour drive to work right now, and then an eight hour day, and then an hour drive back…so 10+ hours of my day is eaten up right there. When I get home, all I wanna do is sleep!

Actual footage of me, passed out on the ground immediately after walking through my front door

I’ve only been there a week or so, and I do really enjoy it so far, but I’m in a funk where I can’t figure out how to work in my hobbies/past-times into the week just yet. On top of all this funk, I also got stuck dog-sitting a dog who hates me earlier this week, and since I’m actually pretty scared of dogs, I ended up spending most of that time dog-sitting hiding in the bathroom, laptop-less…so that kept me from doing my thang, too.

Dog & Scissors
That dog was almost as bad as this anime…

Anyways, my point is, I’m going to try to carve out more time for writing. I write about non-anime things, too (haven’t made a non-anime blog formally yet, though), but I haven’t even been writing those things, either. RIP my time management skills! I’m going to try to force myself to publish something at least once a week. Preferably twice a week, but for now, I want to let my body get accustomed to all this being-awake-and-moving nonsense.

So don’t give up on me! I just gotta catch up on my anime and catch up on y’alls posts! And also get used to waking up at 6am!!!!


Unique Blogger Award – My first blog award!!!!

Moyatori over at Moyatorium nominated for the Unique Blogger Award, which I’m super excited about! I’ve really been enjoying their anime posts, especially their Juuni Taisen review (I was starting to think I was the only person that actually finished that show, haha). So thank you, and I hope everyone else checks their blog out – it’s good stuff!

This is my first blogger award, I blush

~The Rules~

  1. Display the award!
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, and post a link to their blog on your blog. (Try and include a little bit of promotion!)
  3. Answer the questions they’ve written for you!
  4. Nominate 8-13 bloggers and give them three questions in the spirit of sharing love and solidarity within our blogging family!

~My Questions~

  • Why did you choose the avatar you have? 

    I had wanted to make a blog for a while, and when I played Doki Doki Literature Club a month or so ago I really wanted to write about the experience, so I just took a screenshot of my girl Sayori, set it as my avatar, and ran with it. 

  • Do you share your blogging experience with people you know in real life? To what extent? 

    Mmm, not really. I tell my boyfriend about it sometimes, haha. Most of my friends aren’t as big into anime as me, which is why I made this blog in the first place – because I wanted to have a place to talk about seasonals and shows I watch, as well as video games I play. So I guess what I’m saying is, there’s not much point in talking about it with them.  I’m also kind of weird about sharing my hobbies. I talk about anime a lot IRL and on my public social media, but I get weirdly anxious about certain things. Like, I genuinely want to write freelance at some point in my life, whether it’s about anime or just entertainment stuff in general, but I get kind of embarrassed to say so, for whatever reason. Long story short, the anime blog is kind of on the down-low for me.

  • Do you think your blogger persona differs from your real life personality? 

    This is a good question. You know, it’s weird, because when I first went in to make a blog, I was gonna try and have a certain shtick going on. Like, I was originally just gonna write about gay anime with my icon/persona set as a cow named Revolutionary Girl Mootena. Which, actually, I still kind of want to do, haha. But then I decided to just use my actual real name and write as me. So, I guess the blogger persona and the actual me are pretty much the same, except that the me on social media never capitalizes her sentences or punctuates properly.

    revolutionary girl mootena
    Here’s my lil drawing of Mootena, in case you were wondering


~My Questions~

  1. If you were to blog about a different subject other than what you blog about now, what would it be?
  2. What’s the scariest movie/anime/tv show/etc you’ve ever seen?
  3. Have you ever watched a movie/anime/tv show/etc that reminded you of home?


To be honest, I’m pretty sure most of the people I would nominate have probably already been nominated, so if you’ve already done it, it’s all good – just know that I really dig your blog! And of course, if you just don’t feel like doing one of these posts, that’s cool, too – just consider it a shout-out or something.

  • Sirius: They do a lot of reviews for anime that that I haven’t seen, so their posts bring new stuff to my attention almost every time.
  • TheSpookyRedhead: I like all the listicles, and plus I gotta give ’em a shout out because I’m a spooky redhead myself 😀
  • FueledBySmiling: preeeeeeeeeeetty sure I already saw them get nominated, but they really do have one of the most unique blogs I’ve seen. I mean, I haven’t seen anyone else do spotlights on their spam folders before. Who knew anyone could make a spam folder so fun?
  • Scott: I dig all the non-review stuff he posts. You write some really interesting stuff, dude!
  • Irina: hehe you’ve definitely been nominated and already did this, so I’m just gonna use this to say that you’re great and thanks for being so welcoming!!
  • Fiddletwix: I don’t think we follow each other so maybe they won’t see this, but I really got a kick out of their Christmas series where they reviewed old cartoon Christmas specials.
  • Marth: I really enjoy their seasonal reviews/posts 🙂