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Hey folks! I wrote a guest post over at PopLurker this week about my favorite genre of movies, Acid Trip Lesbians. Check out a little blurb from it here, and then follow the link to read the rest!

You may have heard that Kristen Stewart is slated to star in a holiday-themed lesbian rom-com in 2019. Yahoo! Good gay content to be had for all! KStew is a verified gay goddess, so a rom-com starring her will answer the fevered prayers of gay gals everywhere. Truth be told, a lot of our women-loving women’s movie prayers have been answered in the past few years – 2016 gave us the Oscar-nominated Carol, which delivered plenty of steamy romance, and a bunch of Cate Blanchett-in-a-big-fur-coat goodness.

…come to think of it, that was technically a Christmas movie, too…I’m sure Jesus is thankful that he’s finally getting lesbian movies for his birthday.

Now, those movies are definitely exciting, but what if you want your wlw media to be a little more…shroom trippy? Maybe rom-coms and dramas just aren’t your thing…you want something a little more David Lynchian. Maybe you only want to see lady loving in a movie that also features claymation murder sequences, aliens, girls turning into bears, or a fuckton of cocaine?

Well, don’t you worry. We’ve got you covered. We’re connoisseurs of Weird Shit, Gay Shit, and especially Weird Gay Shit. It can be hard to find good things to watch that are of the wlw variety, especially since googling “weird lesbian movies” is only going to give you awkward redirects to PornHub. Let us take you on a journey…

Read it in full here on PopLurker, and give them a follow while you’re at it – they post fun content like artist interviews and erotic novel reviews. Plus, I write stuff for them sometimes, so you know they’ve got some quality stuff! 😉

6 Weird, Mindscrew Women-Loving-Women Movies/Anime.

2018 Fall Anime Impressions: Uh, I’ve already seen two anime characters lick each other so far? HELL YEAH!

Once again, a new anime season is upon us. It could not have come at a better time – I need some sweet new forms of escapism.

Honestly, it’s been a rough few months. I’m sure I’ve said that a million times by now. Things simply haven’t been going too great in the mental health department, and I’ve decided to actively avoid social media, as the online realm has been a bit…exhausting lately, to keep it vague.

Perhaps somewhat ironically, my complete and utter mental exhaustion has made me want to write like a mad(wo)man again. Writing is a sweet release, after all, even if I’m just writing a quick seasonal round-up. Hopefully, I can hop back into a semi-regular routine soon – I’m trying to dip my toes back into my hobbies so that I can actually ENJOY them again, instead of doing them out of necessity or a sense of forced productivity. Thankfully, all these new episodes have given me plenty of fodder to write about. Here’s my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far.

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Our Thoughts on The Best Chunnibyou School Idol, Tsushima Yoshiko (and Her Friends!) – A Collab with Remy from the Lily Garden! [part 2]

Welcome, folks, to part 2 of the lovely Remy and I’s collab about LoveLive! Sunshine best girl, Yoshiko! Click here for part one so you’re not totally lost

Caught up? Good, good. Let’s dive back in!

yoshiko the time to descend has come.gif

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The Bisexual Dystopia of Shin Sekai Yori: or, how an evil anime government tried to make all the kids gay

It’s pride month, so for the whole month of June I’m writing about LGBTQ+ representation in anime and manga! Yay for gay anime!

Okay, so what if I told you there was an absolutely brilliant dystopian anime that featured not one, not two, but FOUR canon bisexuals? Drum roll pleeeeeeeease…

It’s Shinsekai Yori, or From the New World! Not only is this one of the best anime dystopian thrillers I’ve ever seen, but four out of five of its main characters are bi. Not just implied, either…there are same-sex kisses shared on-screen by both the male and female characters. They date each other. They explicitly say that they are attracted to one another. There is no denying their bi-ness.

Or maybe pan-ness? I’m biased, so I’m gonna go with bi-ness.

However, the way the characters’ sexuality is woven into the story is a little odd. They’re not just bi characters who happen to be bi – it’s actually a plot device that ties in with the dystopian setting. Continue reading “The Bisexual Dystopia of Shin Sekai Yori: or, how an evil anime government tried to make all the kids gay”

Remembering My Teko: Amanchu! and the bittersweet beauty of teenage friendships

If there’s one thing Amanchu does remarkably well, it’s realistically portray the pure bliss of adolescent friendship. Teko and Pikari are oblivious to any Real World Issues, and spend their days having spontaneous barbeques and diving, all while subtly teaching each other to be better versions of themselves. Pikari helps ease Teko’s anxiety, while Teko teaches Pikari to dial it back a bit. All is well in their idyllic, teenage world.

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How Lucky Star made 12-year-old me feel like she belonged

You ever get really nostalgic anime series you watched in your formative years? You know, your OG shows? The ones that got you into the medium in the first place? I’ve decided to take a look back at some of the earlier series I got into back when I was younger, and reflect on how they formed my anime tastes. They will be chronicled in this series, Anime Roots.

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[Citrus Finale Review] Okay, okay, maybe Citrus is just bad

Citrus is like, half good. When it’s fun, it’s fun, and sometimes it’s even close to being touching and poignant, but gets drowned out by trashy lesbian drama before it can ever reach the point of being, well, fully good. The finale perfectly encapsulates this issue of being so close, yet so far.

Since I run the risk of repeating everything I’ve said in all my other Citrus posts, I’m going to try to keep this mostly to the last episode.

Screenshot (668)
Very subtle.

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7 (Totally Accurate and Legit) Predictions About Sarazanmai

There’s a lot I still haven’t had a chance to write about on this blog, and one of those things is my love for all things Kunihiko Ikuhara.

I’m a (self-proclaimed) Gay Anime Connoisseur, so naturally his works are on my radar. My Twitter handle (@lesbibearstorm) is a shout-out to Yuri Kuma Arashi, and when I started this blog my intent was actually to just write about Revolutionary Girl Utena a bunch. But then I never got my beautiful Utena Blu-Ray box-set because of shipping issues, so I never rewatched the series, and now I just post about Citrus every week instead…

One day, I’ll rewatch Utena and review them all as Mootena, the Revolutionary Cow…
Anyways, anyways, anyways. My Man Ikuhara dropped a bunch of surprise teasers for his new project Sarazanmai last week, and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. What brand of bisexual angsty artsy madness will my lord & savior Ikuhara bestow upon us this time? Naturally, instead of analyzing said teasers or doing any kind of research, I decided to just take a bunch of wild guesses!! Without further ado, here are my wildly unfounded predictions!

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The sweets & the sours of Citrus’s portrayal of girls in love

Citrus, I don’t know how you do it, but you manage to both exceed my expectations and fail to meet them at the same time with each passing week. While watching just about every episode, my thoughts have been equal parts, “wow, this is surprisingly poignant for a show about stepsisters in love” and, “wow, this is surprisingly trashy, even for a show about stepsisters in love.”

[Warning: spoilers up for everything up to episode 10]
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My Bisexual Experience With Loneliness

By now, I feel like everyone’s written some hot takes about the autobiographical manga, My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness. I’m a little late to the party. You would think that, me being me, I would have hopped right on that train, but alas, money was tight and time was short, so it took me a while to finally buy the manga and read it. But now, I’ve finally finished it! And, as I expected, I loved it and found it to be very poignant, relatable, and even inspiring. Although, not exactly in the ways I expected.

I had seen scans of pages from the manga that dealt with Nagata Kabi’s accounts of her experiences with mental illness, as well as plenty of people marveling over how the story was about “more than just being a lesbian” (as if it’s somehow shocking that queer people have experiences outside of their sexuality…), so I wasn’t going in blind or anything. Still, I was really, really shocked to find that most of the things that struck me deepest about the manga involved family, self-perception, and creating meaningful art.

Part of the reason I didn’t fully relate to the more literal themes involving sexuality is probably because Kabi’s first lesbian encounter is…unique, we’ll say. After barely thinking about sex for the first twenty-eight years of her life, Kabi realizes that, hey, she likes girls, and decides to sign up for a lesbian escort service. The story is, of course, far more nuanced than that, but the point I’m trying to make is that I cannot relate to her actual, tangible experience at all. I knew I liked girls since I was about eleven and panicked about it for like, eight years – it certainly didn’t take me as long to come to those conclusions as it did for her. Oh, and I never rented out an escort, either.

This isn’t to say I disliked the uniqueness of her experience – it was refreshing to hear an account regarding female/queer sexuality that isn’t focused around coming out of the closet or high school. I was just surprised by how different our experiences really were. And yet, despite the fact that our journeys to self-discovery were wildly different, I found a lot that resonated with me.

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