The thrilling story of Jenn trying to monetize her writing, and then hating the act of writing

Holy shit, does writing become less fun when you’re doing it for WORK. Especially when you have absolutely no creative control. Every client would say they accepted pitches, and I’d pitch something that seemed to fit their site, and they’d veto it pretty much immediately. Which, hey, fine, but like – don’t pretend you’re giving me a say! Just give me my assignment, pay me my meager fee, and move on!

Sexual Assault in Perfect Blue: How Satoshi Kon’s Horror Classic Thoughtfully Frames A Person’s Biggest Fear

On the surface, it seems like Perfect Blue has a relatively simple premise - an idol finds herself being stalked by an obsessive fan - the movie itself is far from simple. It does an excellent job of placing the viewer within the muddled mind of Mima as she struggles to figure out who she really is versus the person society/her manager/her fans want her to be.