Anime Escapism, or why my depressed ass watched so many Japanese cartoons

It’s been a long time since I’ve actually sat down and watched any anime. My anime-viewing habits are pretty fickle. I either binge watch ten series all the way through in a month, or I don’t watch anything other than snippets of whatever shounen my boyfriend’s watching in the living room.

Maybe it was a bit foolish to start a whole anime blog based on such a spotty interest. It’s not that I like anime any LESS during my dry spells…it’s just that I really only gravitate towards anime when I’m in need for some hardcore escapism.

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That’s me, escaping my problems

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Life n’ Blog Updates (and some thank yous)

Yo! Long time no post, yeah? I’ve been slacking on the content, for various reasons, so I wanted to write up a little post catching y’all up on my life and all that.

The biggest thing has been my move. It’s understandably taken me a bit of time to actually adjust to my new environment. I had been looking forward to the freedom of my own place for a while now, but I forgot how stressful having a new space can be. For some reason, I thought that once I moved in, I would immediately go into a fevered writing spree, catch my blog up, and get back to sketching but…I severely underestimated the amount of time it would take for me to adjust.

little witch academia oopss

Truthfully, this gap in content-writing has me in a bit of a rut. I really want to take writing more seriously, and the more I think about it, the more I’m convinced that this site isn’t the right way for me to do that. I’ve been strongly considering starting a new site – one that’s not as boxed in by the topic of anime. I’ve thought of making something that focused on horror, sci-fi, and anime oddities, as well as personal essays. There are some Serious Topics that I would really like to do write-ups about, but they be awfully out of place on a site like this that has Top 10 Anime Eyebrow countdowns.

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“Doing the Thing” is pretty hard to do (but you’ll get there, bud)

Have you ever watched an interview where someone asks an actor/artist/writer/creator/whatever what their advice for other aspiring whatevers is, and their response is: “Just Do the Thing!”

This is not very good advice. Obviously, there were some extra steps that made that whoever whatever they are. It seems almost insulting to hear their success reduced to such a simple statement. It sounds like, “it’s easy, I did it, so just get off your lazy ass and Do, dummy!”

Yeah, I get the idea behind the advice –  don’t be afraid to fail, the first step is the most important step, everyone has to start somewhere, don’t let fear hold you back, blah blah blah. But starting is very, very hard.

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The Flashing Lights Say You’ll Be Okay: Depression, Binge-Watching Television, And The Importance of Fluff

This is something I wrote a few months ago that’s a little off-brand for this site. I’m not throwing any anime reactions pictures into this one because…well, it’s not about anime at all.  I actually wrote this during a rough patch and wasn’t really sure where to put it. Finally, I’ve decided to post it here. You might not be able to relate to the specifics, and maybe you’ve never seen the shows mentioned here, but I still think that there’s something important here that someone might find themselves in. Trigger warning for depression and suicide mentions, but I promise this is an optimistic post. I’m leaning away from all that doom and gloom these days. Anyways, enjoy this personal slice of my life.

So, here’s something kinda crazy. I think I’m going to be okay.

What made me, someone who has been dealing with depression for a veryyyyyy long time, finally come to this conclusion? Well. I marathoned NBC’s The Good Place today.

That probably sounds like I’m being hyperbolic, right? Like I’m saying, “this show is so good, it will cure your depression!”

Well, I’m not doing that. It’s just what I did today, and it’s what made me realize something very important.

I’m being vague. Let me get a little more specific.

I’m having a very hard time. Sometimes, I forget that I’ve been having a very hard time for a very long time. I’ll have little periods where I’m doing okay, and then I’ll have loooong periods where I’m doing very bad. When I’m doing bad, I lose sight of everything else – I forget about the more lucid times and I forget about the millions of other times I’ve felt bad. More importantly, I forget that I’ve always gotten through feeling bad.

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So You Said You Were Coming Back From A Hiatus And Then You Didn’t Post Anything: An Autobiography

Heh heh. Remember when I made a big old post about how I was determined to start writing and posting more often, and then I didn’t make a post for a month? Woopsies daisies! I tend to do that a lot, huh. Well, in my defense, it’s been a bit of a messy month. Let me get on my knees and beg for forgiveness explain.

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A Note to Bloggers (and to myself): You don’t have to feel sorry for needing a break

Sometimes you have to take a break from things you love. It’s just how it is. It feels weird, but it’s totally normal, and totally okay.

I’ve seen a lot of hiatus posts that are overwhelmingly apologetic, and I completely understand where they come from. I am very, very bad at letting myself take breaks, and I have a tendency to feel guilty for taking time for myself in any capacity. Which is silly, because, hello! We’re all people! We all need rest! It’s only natural. All that being said, you don’t need to tell apologize or feel bad about all that!

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A lil personal update: my shit laptop is gone, all hail my new computer!

Hey hey! So, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I was briefly laptop-less. Tragic. My old laptop got a virus while I was trying to find another episode of that stupid Sweet Punishment anime that I had been watching on YouTube and writing “reviews” for on here. Even though I got rid of said virus, it was enough to do the ol’ computer in for good. It had been on the fritz for a while, and had been giving me a lot of random memory management errors, and so whatever this virus did must’ve exacerbated the issues the hard drive was already having. R.I.P., old girl.

Needless to say, that series of blog posts have been cancelled…this is also why I only ended up posting one time this week.

I also lost all my screencaps and gifs, soooo looks like we’ll be googling lotsa relevant anime pictures from here on out!

But, luckily, I had been saving up for a new laptop for a while because, as I said, I knew my old one was on the way out. I, like, couldn’t even run anything other than my web browser on it without it crashing or freezing up. If anything, I’m thankful the computer lasted long enough for me to get enough money together to buy something better. And now I have something better! Much, much better!

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Bloggin’ On Blogging: How do you approach your blog’s tone/theme?

Before I get into the meat of this post, I’m gonna go on a little personal aside: I really, really like writing. I mean, we all like writing to a degree, right? That’s why we’re here, yeah? Deep down, I’ve always wanted to be a writer in some way or another. First, I thought I wanted to write fiction, and then I thought I wanted to write scripts for TV.  Then I realized I actually just wanted to write about TV, but it can be really hard to actually land a steady job or even a freelance job doing entertainment writing because, well, there are already critics doing it and there are a million other people trying to get into it, too.

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