CAPER IN THE CASTRO: The first Gay game AND my first YouTube Video!

Hi!!!!!!!!!! During the pandemic I decided to start a whole YouTube channel, and I just made my first video LIVE, baby! I’m really excited about it. You can check it out here, if you’d like 🙂 🥺

Alternatively, though, if you’re not that into watching YouTube vidyas, I also wrote out a version of the script I used here. So if you’re interested in reading instead, here’s some information about 1989’s Caper in the Castro, the very first GAY GAME.

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I have returned…with a new domain and a slightly new look!

It’s been a minute since I logged on here. Believe it or not, I’ve been writing a lot – I’ve submitted a few things over at and done a few freelancing joints here and there. But I figured it was about time to start updating this bad boy again.

A flaw with creating an anime blog is that I felt like I could ONLY write about anime. That’s a problem, since my only interest isn’t anime. I’m kinda funny about my watching habits – I’m either watching a million anime or none at all. Which means I either had a lot to write or…nothing at all 😉 To rectify this, I’ve decided to expand from being Anime Hell Zone to being Jenn’s Hell Zone. Hopefully this new domain works out and all the old links don’t become broken…

I have also made a YouTube channel! I decided it might be more engaging if I make videos AND write. I really, really enjoy video editing (I used to do it a lot in college), and I wanted to get back to my roots, so to speak. So subscribe to me over on Jenn’s Hell Zone – there’s nothing there (yet), but I promise there’s good stuff to come 😀

Well, that’s all I have for right now. I hope you all have been doing well – I’ve been reading some of your stuff and lurking, believe it or not. I’m excited to get back into the groove, even if it’s only sporadically. Hopefully the people who used to follow me still use this and I’m not just posting into the void lololol ❤

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