Horny 4 Gay Horror: What Keeps You Alive (2018)

I like horror. I like murder. I like lesbians. Therefore, 2018’s What Keeps You Alive seemed like the movie for me. As problematic as the killer lesbian trope may be, it’s one that I’ve always been drawn to. What can I say, I’m a simple woman with simple tastes!

Colin Minihan’s thriller focuses on Jules and Jackie – a lesbian couple who have travelled to a cabin in the woods to celebrate their first anniversary. Of course, this cabin in the woods is the pefect place to LURE SOMEONE OUT TO MURDER THEM, and that is exactly what Jackie intends to do. Jules must fight to survive and grapple with the fact that her wife is a total piece of shit. Luckily for Jules, Jackie does a pretty shit job of murdering her wife, which is how this movie can actually last for 98 minutes.

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